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Pilla at Station 4

Friday night’s late show at Station 4 in St. Paul was packed with an unusually large amount of single ladies and rock fans. But I’m not sure if they were there to see Pilla like me…

Pilla is a local foursome (except the South Dakotan drummer) who love rock and roll and everything that goes with it. From GNR to Van Halen to broken guitars and high kicks (yes, high kicks), these boys studied from the 80s school of rock and scored an A.

Pilla, the singer and namesake of the band, is the spitting image of a young Tommy Lee, wearing a sleeveless Coltrane shirt and not at all shy in berating the crowd for not crowding the stage, drinking enough or just damn “rocking out.” Ronis, the group’s guitarist, doesn’t stray far from his GNR cover band (Dust N Bones) when soloing, but that’s okay.

Not short on arrogance and ego, the group’s songs are structurally good via 80’s rock standards, the solos are rocking and the quartet makes up for typical rock chords and format with raw emotion and the performance of a true headbanging rock group minus the hair.

Pilla competes in the Battle of the Bands at PoVS in Andover on Jan. 26th and currently has a 5 song EP available that’s available on via their Web site with just a simple e-mail. In the meantime, check out a few tracks at SoundClick here.

  • Todd Uso

    I recently visited station 4 for the first time, eger to hear the band Pilla and see what they had to offer. They delivered everything and more that a rock n’ roll band should offer. Starting with charismatic front man Pilla- who kicked ass all over the stage, one minute in your face after a flying kick off the speakers, the next crowding with the other 3 members.A voice like no other, bluesy at times followed by tight high notes, Pilla was by far the best front man of the night. Ronis gave the crowd guitar lics that left open mouths, hands in the air and sore necks the following day. Platinum thrashed that damn bass guitar and plucked it to pieces- go Platinum. Last, but definetly not least was the druming machine who towered the center stage and delivered a beat to the brain making skulls rattle and thump forward and back.
    If you love old school rock and some of todays deep metal, lend your ears and eyes to Pilla- live. You won’t be let down, I sure as hell wasn’t!

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