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Interview with Motion City Soundtrack, Warped Tour 2008

Minneapolis band Motion City Soundtrack has been around since 1997, which basically makes them a stegosaurus in Warped Tour age. However, MCS continue to be extremely popular, and their current album, Even If It Kills Me, has sold over 119,000+ copies. In between sets, I had the opportunity to interview keyboardist and moog synthesist Jesse Johnson…

How’s the tour been so far?
It’s been good. We’ve only been on 5 dates thus far, so we’ve really had it easy.

MCS is supposedly based in Minneapolis, but you’re not, right?
Right, Josh (Cain) and Justin (Pierre) are from here and try to get back.

What’s it like for the band playing the “hometown?”
It’s always fun seeing fans have hometown pride for us. It’s really heartwarming.

You guys have put out 3 records and sold more than 600k records in your career. Are you to the point where fans at Warped can sing all the words?
Well, yes, some. Chicago was great. We always seem to play Minneapolis and then Chicago, so they know us there.

Did you feel like Lollapalooza cut into the Warped turnout much?
It’s really different crowds. Lollapalooza tends to be older and this is definitely younger. On Friday after our Milwaukee show, Matt and I drove to Chicago just to see Radiohead.

I heard they were quiet.
You’re right. I’m glad someone else said that. They were really quiet.

You guys just left Epitaph Records. What’s next?
We signed with Columbia Records and will be writing in October/November/December and then hopefully recording.

Any idea which producer you’ll work with this time?
We’ll be recording demos and shopping them around.

MCS just recently released an exclusive digital-only acoustic EP and play the next 10 Warped dates before embarking on yet another tour.

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