Perfect Porridge

Perfect Porridge 2010 Mixtape Mp3 Download Fiesta Party

In celebration of the first annual XO-LP Mixtape Pen Pal Exchange, I hereby present you with the Perfect Porridge 2010 Mixtape Mp3 Download Fiesta Party.

These are an assortment of the best tracks I blogged in 2010 with a brief explanation of why they made the cut.

Download away, friends!

Full album download (zip via mediafire)

Track by track:

  1. MP3: The 4onthefloor : “Bricklayer”

    The 4onthefloor are four guys in a stompin’ blues band who write all their songs in 4/4 and everyone in the band plays their own kick drums. It’s that simple. The drum thing may read like a gimmick on paper, but it’s not. More cowbell is dead. I want MORE KICK DRUM! (Original Post)

  2. MP3: Blackhawks : “Sunday Morning”

    Oh buddy. Blackhawks, from Philadelphia, is led by Dan Svizeny, who is also a member of Nude Beach and Cough Cool. (Original Post)

  3. MP3: Boom Chick – “Ghost Of Bo Diddley”

    All year long I have been LOVING Frank Hoier’s new band, Boom Chick, a male/female two-piece drum and guitar combo and their LP, Show Pony. It’s not fair to say these folks ripped off the White Stripes (since the WS pretty much ripped off every other blues rock artist), but I will say they tip their hat to Jack and Meg, but have a maturity and delivery that could help Boom Chick withstand the comparisons and stand on their own. (Original Post)

  4. MP3: Sam Prekop – “The Silhouettes”

    This is an odd instrumental from The Sea and the Cake’s Sam Prekop, who released a new solo album in 2010, Old Punch Card. (Original Post)

  5. MP3: Dada Trash Collage – “Two Eyes”

    This is the lead single from Minneapolis’ own Dada Trash Collage‘s LP Cool Waves, Bad Days. Right at about 2:50 is where I think my face melts offf just a little bit. (Original Post)

  6. MP3: Clinic – “I’m Aware”

    Coolest guy wearing a surgical mask rocking the melodica ever? I think so. Clinic has this knack for finding off-scale and dissonant chords and pounding them repeatedly until they gel into your brain. The group’s new LP this year, Bubblegum surely gave someone a stroke. This is the single from the album. (Original Post)

  7. MP3: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Janglin (RAC Mix)”

    We want to feel ya!
    We don’t mean to kill ya!
    We come back to heal ya – janglin soul. — Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros (Original Post)

  8. MP3: Daft Punk – “Derezzed” (Cassettes Won’t Listen Remix)

    I can’t discern if it’s cliché to include a Daft Punk TRON Soundtrack track in this mix or not, so I’ll settle with this Cassettes Won’t Listen remix, which I cherish like a little lost puppy I found in the alley. (Original Post)

  9. MP3: Evan Voytas – “I Took a Trip on a Plane”

    Evan Voytas‘ tranquilizing single, “I Took a Trip on a Plane,” was an effortless trip to indie pop transcendence back when I heard it in July. Still having those flashbacks. (Original Post)

  10. MP3: We Are the Willows – “A Funeral Dressed As a Birthday

    Minneapolis-based We Are The Willows captured magic in a jar with their debut full-length A Collection Of Sounds And Something Like The Plague. Peter Miller’s countertenor vocals, light guitar plucks, keys and ambient sound recording (bus engines, children on the playground, cafes) softly complement Miller’s fragile and poignant melodies. (Original Post)

  11. MP3: Paper Tiger : “Palace” (Feat. Dessa) (mp3)

    I’m a big fan of instrumental hip-hop, particularly from Minneapolis’ own artists like Big Cats! and this solo debut release from Doomtree producer Paper Tiger called Made Like Us. Paper Tiger weaves beats, synths and organic elements perfect for blaring out my moon roof while giving the skunk-eye to swagger wagon-driving suburbanites at each and every stoplight. (Original Post)

  12. MP3: Crystal City – “Baby Says She Loves Me”

    With retro harmonies and only an acoustic guitar for instrumentation, Crystal City’s debut album tempered ambitious nu-folk songwriting with their Midwestern roots. RIYL: The Swell Season, The Civil War, Damien Rice. (Original Post)

  13. The New Monarchs : “Home” (Skullbuster Remix) (mp3)

    I love love love both Manchester Orchestra and Minneapolis electronic duo The New Monarchs, and they go together like peanut butter and bananas (some people love it, others can shut up). This track was the first song released from an all-local remix album, Repeating Equation: Remixes, which came out on Soup Bowl Records. (Original Post)

  14. MP3: Spirituals : “Wanderings”

    This is a track from Portland’s Spirituals, which is the moniker for the sample-based electronic music project of drummer, producer, and graphic artist Tyler Tadlock. It’s off their self-titled debut record. It’s the perfect down-tempo-wandering-around-the-airport-on-a-Sunday-morning-watching-confused-old-folks-try-to-get-through-security soundtrack. (Original Post)

  15. MP3: SodaCan : “Punk Rock Warlord”

    Stephen Chopek (aka SodaCan) is a musician and artist in Jersey City, NJ. His art, especially his art on paper, is a pop culture milieu. But the music — the music! SodaCan’s music is a grounded psych-freakout bordering on straightjacket pop. Download his latest two albums here. (Original Post)

  16. MP3: The Envy Corps : “Screen Test”

    I went to high school with a couple of The Envy Corps, took piano lessons from their mom for five years, and wrote their first-ever review from an interview sitting in their Ames, IA apartment for Art Scene around 2002. Since then, this band has taken off — landing a major record contract and opening for The Killers for their American tour (played Roy Wilkins in 2007). Despite my personal connections with the band, I’m a huge fan. Group founder and principal songwriter Luke Pettipoole has a reputation for consistently releasing quality, innovative and compelling material. This track is off their 2010 EP, Kid Gloves. (Original Post)

  17. MP3: The Yellow Dogs : “New Century”

    This Yellow Dogs track is off the soundtrack to the film No One Knows About Persian Cats. I’m a big fan of both middle eastern and eastern rock fusion. Favorites in this category include Athen’s Macha (disbanded and no Web site) and the newish Dengue Fever. (Original Post)

  18. MP3: The Pack A.D. : “Crazy”

    The Pack A.D., a female duo from Vancouver, B.C., write gritty, bluesy, brash anthems with chords you’ve heard before but with a delivery all their own. Think Alison Mosshart gigging with a Meg White who can actually play the drums. The group’s We Kill Computers dropped in April on Mint Records. (Original Post)


  20. MP3: Jackie Wilson : “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And Higher (PUNCHES Remix)”

    I blogged about Punches a lot in 2010. A LOT. To the point that their publicist highly suggested I interview the group, but I felt I should pass since I’d already blogged about them so much already. The have a new EP that came out in October, but I most love their mixes. This one here is perfect for Monday mornings. Be sure to check out their Summer Mix, too. (Original Post)

  21. MP3: Radiohead – “Reckoner (Error Operator Remix)”

    London’s Error Operator does some of my favorite remixes to post each year. (Original Post)

  22. MP3: Ghostland Observatory : “Sad Sad City” ((Pretty) Girls & Lasers Remix)

    All I have to say is: (Pretty) Girls & Lasers = yum. (Original Post)

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