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A Lull are not dull nor a lull, that’s no bull

I was in DC last week walking around the National Mall with headphones in blaring the latest from Chicago’s A Lull and snapping pictures of Batman in front of things.

I very much enjoyed my time with A Lull and have given them a prime spot in the daily music rotation. Leaning most to electronic and percussion-focused song elements, the five-piece multi-instrumentalist group can’t decide on a genre, and unlike your average music college studio band — that genre hops and says it’s because they don’t want to be pigeon-holed –I genuinely think A Lull refuses to stop considering new inspirations for sound and experience.

There are moments in nearly every song where the drums are driving and the synths are building layers that coalesce into true bliss, and that’s pretty much what I’m looking for these days. But there is a raw element to A Lull’s vocals that reminds me a lot of early Annuals, particularly on songs like “Some Love.”

The group’s debut full-length, Confetti, will be followed up by a four-track EP on August 16 — featuring tracks that didn’t make the first cut, Confetti Reprise. “Exit Wounds” is my favorite off the EP – the saxophones were a nice surprise.

Here’s “Weapons For War,” the title track off the LP and are an adequate representation of the quality of this band:

MP3: A Lull – “Weapons For War”

A Lull play Minneapolis’ 7th Street Entry this Saturday, July 30, opening with Yourself and the Air along with Estate and Gigamesh.

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