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Amazing new song from Hunting Club

I’m working from my home office this morning, which is a Dunn Bros a block from my house in a 100 year old storefront building with a tin roof and those cool rotating ceiling fans that spin even when they aren’t turned on.

I snagged a seat at the “bar” and have been more productive in the last two hours than I was in 9 hours sitting in my proper office yesterday.

With my headphones on and a steady wifi connection, I’m oblivious to the snow flurries and cares of the world.

But then I happened to check my PP inbox and right at the top was a note from Eric Pasi of Hunting Club.

The Minneapolis-based group is previewing the first song from their forthcoming sophomore album St., and it’s a bit of a leap into new territory for the fivesome.

Skyscraper by huntingclub

With pulsating electronic beats atop smooth synths and hypnotic vocals, I like where Hunting Club is headed on its latest foray into the wilderness to kill and maim whatever crosses its path.

I’ve now listened to this song 10 times in a row. I need a coffee refill and am going to wait for the track to end before getting up. Can’t wait for the LP.

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