Perfect Porridge

Gold Fields shimmer as daybreak comes

The sun rose at 7 a.m. in Minneapolis today, merely to set three hours later as a black storm enveloped the southwest suburbs and leaked a hydrogen oxygen mix upon the cement jungle parking ramp I stare at through the window at my desk.

I played Sigur Ros in the quiet darkness. First Saeglopur and then Takk.

I get to work earlier than most of the floor, and each morning the pregnant sense of isolation gives birth to the busy sounds of billability to match my morning soundtrack.

Solemn Sigur Ros fades into the background and a prescient energy filled the hallways. It was going to be a gorgeous day. We needed upbeat music, and we needed it now.

At the top of my starred emails was a note about a new band from Astralwerks, an Australian band called Gold Fields.

Their blend of glossy pop matched with tribal drums packaged in an accessible little four-track EP burst through the Icelandic gloom like sun rays at dawn.

And as if I’d planned it, the rain ceased, clouds dispersed, and for the second time today, the sun rose in the sky. It was a new day and ripe for Gold Fields.

Here’s “Treehouse”

MP3: Gold Fields – “Treehouse”

Gold Fields self-titled EP is out now. A full-length debut is slated for late summer.

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