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Stop Nickelbacking! Every view makes Nickelback money

In the 24 hours since this Mashable article about “Nickelbacking” published, I’ve already been sent the link six times by friends hoping to trick me into hearing the putrid, opening tones of “Photograph.”

But you know what?

This particular video link, hosted on Nickelback’s official channel, has a pre-roll ad on it.

So if I understand this correctly, every time you open that video and trigger that ad you’re making Nickelback richer and more confident in their cock-sure crap rock.

So not only has Nickelback completely sold out to the point they are a joke of a band, even using their music as the brunt of a joke makes the band money. So by being funny and tricking friends into hearing Nickelback, you’re actually rewarding Nickelback for writing formulaic crap.

The mouth-breathers still win. And I hereby quit the Internet.

1 comment for “Stop Nickelbacking! Every view makes Nickelback money

  1. June 9, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    Wow this is an awful joke. This is almost enough to write off these friends. Crap rock like this just grates on my every last nerve.

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