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Nerdcore Hiphop – is apparently a thing

Caught the documentary “Nerdcore Rising” on Netflix last night and was mostly unimpressed.

But not with the documentary itself. It was well-produced.

The doc follows MC Frontalot, the “Godfather of Nerdcore,” on his first national tour. Minneapolis highlights include footage from his stop at Triple Rock Social Club and interviews in front of the Cherry and Spoonbridge sculpture.

The juxtaposition of MC Frontalot and his backing band as likable dorks offstage versus their on-stage rapping personas was what had me shaking my head.

Frontalot may be rapping about Magic the Gathering and so-called “smart” topics, but his delivery and style sounds like he’s half choking as he wraps through inhaled breathing.

On the positive side, the documentary featured quotes from MC Chris, who definitely has rapping skills to back up his clever lyrics.

I saw him live at Warped Tour in 2008 and was blown away at his showmanship, artistry and style.

MC Chris, Warped 2008, Minneapolis

I may be late to the nerdcore rage, but I don’t think it has gone far since the film. If you’re looking for an entree into the genre, check out MC Chris.

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