Perfect Porridge

The instrumental hip hop EP to close your summer

While everyone in Minneapolis is abuzz about Hot Cheetos and Takis, I’ve been rocking a bunch of electronic and instrumental hip hop this week.

For those unfamiliar, I’ll be lazy and quote Wikipedia

Instrumental hip hop is therefore hip hop music without emcee accompaniment. This format affords the producer the flexibility to create more complex, richly detailed and varied instrumentals, with less emphasis on vocals. Songs of this genre may wander off in different musical directions without the vocal constraints of the MC.

I would say the best instrumental hip hip artists supplement their beats and samples with vocal tracks layered as their own instrument, often manipulating the modulation and speed. I’ve written about Doomtree producer Paper Tiger a few times, and he is definitely one of those artists who has mastered the use of music as the medium.

PT has a new, six-track EP called Summer that dropped just before summer officially ends (last week). Well, I say summer is almost over because in Minnesota we definitely start breaking out the fall jackets and digging out our rakes.

This EP is stellar and highly recommended. There are six tracks, and I can share a preview of two here.

Here’s the video for “The Fortunate Wayfarer”

Here’s a stream of “Gold Pass”

Highlights of tracks not featured below are the sax loop on “Greatest of All Fridays” and the motown vibe that starts “The Pleasure, The Privilege” and then the second stanza that drops nearly six minutes into the seven minute track. It’s a slow burner.

Summer EP is currently available for pre-order at the Doomtree webstore. There are also some limited edition beat tape CDs that are hand numbered and autographed.

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