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New Wiping Out Thousands out TODAY, pay what you want pricing

MSP-based electroclash duo Wiping Out Thousands are celebrating the launch of their new LP today, This Came First.

The band was just named a City Pages Picked to Click finalist (tied for #3 – pretty damned good) and have a big album release show booked the 7th Street Entry on November 2 that looks to be pulling in the who’s who of the MSP scene.

Speaking of that scene, this is what I wrote about WoT back in January 2011 (read full interview here):

Wiping out Thousands are yet another proof point that the burgeoning electro-scene in Minneapolis has become a self-sustaining, creative animal that refuses to acquiesce, conform or sell-out.

Hell yeah. That’s exactly what this new album screams upon the first few plays.

This Came First is an unapologetic, electro-industrial middle finger held high toward the dub-step wannabes permeating the dance and radio scene of today’s electronica genre. Taylor Nelson’s arsenal of gadgets set the frenetic pace, while Alaine Dickman’s haunting vocals punctuate each track with a cold, haunting and hollow ambiance.

This music isn’t designed to sell millions of records to the mouth-breathing masses. Thank God. It’s yet another proof point that the Minneapolis scene’s electro-rock scene is vibrant, dynamic and making great music for the sake of making great music. Amen.

Download This Came First for a price you determine at Bandcamp.

(Read our interview and download previous WoT tracks here)

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