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Sigur Rós coming to Roy Wilkins April 3

Sigur Rós will be playing the Roy Wilkins Auditorium on April 3. That may seem ages away, but tickets go on sale this Friday.

I saw Sigur Rós at the Orpheum back in 2008.

Iceland’s Sigur Ros played their special brand of falsetto-driven ambient art rock to a sold out crowd at Minneapolis’ Orpheum Theater Monday evening.

Between the Hopelandic, pounding bass and stunning visuals — including a translucent screen projecting video, performer shadows and intricate, supernatural light effects — the little Icelandic goosebumps were persistent for almost two hours.

And this wasn’t your average rock concert. Much like a classical symphony performance, on more than one occasion the group paused to absolute silence or let a song fade away into the dusty theater rafters as the audience of 2600 held its breath.

A quartet of string performers helped out on the highlights from Ágætis Byrjun and ( ), but it was the highlights from the group’s newest album, Takk that really shined last night.

I was fortunate enough to have an after show pass and got to meet the band following the set and my have my copy of Takk autographed.

The backstage experience was quite awkward. I’ve met a lot of musicians, but not many who are Icelandic and may or may not welcome the intrusion of outsiders into their Green Room after fully rocking the faces off a packed house for 150 minutes.

Really looking forward to seeing them again. However, we all know Roy Wilkins can wreak havoc on sonic-minded bands thanks to a back wall that reverberates back on the performers. And standing general admission will be interesting for a band where it’s actually a delight to sit back and let the waves wash over one’s body. Looking forward to the show.

Here’s the new track – and one that’s almost pronounceable – “Brennisteinn”

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  1. December 3, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    This makes me really want to see Sigur Ros live. But not at Roy Wilkins.

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