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Check out the new Twin Cities Electropunk Compilation, Volume 7

twin cities electropunk 7My friends, it is a great day. It is that time of year again when Todd Millenacker (from Avenpitch) works his butt off to pull together YET ANOTHER fantastic compilation album of the finest electropunk acts in the Twin Cities AND THEN give it away for free at

I’m a MSP transplant, so it wasn’t until 2006 that I discovered Avenpitch and shortly after, the Twin Cities Electropunk Compilation #3. I quickly gobbled up the back catalog and discovered the burgeoning electropunk scene in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area and got SUPER EXCITED about life – pretty much.

Since then, about this time of year, every year, I gush about our fantastic local scene. Sure, some bands come and go, but it’s the scene and the community that makes me LOVE living here. Sorry for doing the annoying caps-lock thing, but seriously. I’m excited.

Okay, so I’ll shut up.

Go download #7 here:
Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 7

If you’re new to this community of bands, I highly suggest you spend some time digesting the back catalogs of . Avenpitch, The Surfactants, Mach FoX and Thosquanta – among all the rest!

Oh, and there’s a tony show happening tomorrow. So go to that, too…

Twin Cities Electropunk Vol 7 Album Release Show

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