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I’m back from a 2 week vacation of listening to nothing but Rihanna

batman in the caribbean
Due to the self-imposed Top 40 music bubble barrier I’ve built to protect my delicate ears from formulaic, marketed crap the mouth-breathing masses call music, I can’t say I was overly familiar with Rihanna and her musical catalog prior to my vacation.

That all changed the second my flight from Minneapolis to Miami landed. What follows are the highlights of my vacation time with Riri…

  • Miami Airport Shuttle = Rihanna playing in the bus
  • Carnival Cruise HQ Soundtrack = Rihanna playing while we waited in line to get on the ship
  • Carnival Valor Ship = Rihanna played by the DJ at least 3x/day around the pool area
  • Grand Turk = Rihanna being blared via giant speaker toward the ship as we pulled into port, to the point I could hear it with our patio door closed
  • St. Maarten = Rihanna played at Hard Rock Cafe behind the beach we hung out at all day
  • St. Kitts = Rihanna played at the embarkation arrival center
  • St. Thomas = Rihanna played at the little bar at Coki Beach
  • Puerto Rico = Rihanna played at both Senor Frogs and airport

I seriously needed an aural enema by the time we got home. Those island people sure do love their Barbados queen.

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  1. February 20, 2013 at 9:13 pm

    I hear ya! 

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