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Loving the Nightlands

I’ve been spinning the new Nightlands album for about a week now. It’s really a favorite.

Nightlands is the solo project of The War on Drugs’ Dave Hartley. Oak Island, his latest LP (I found the earlier one on Spotify) was released in January on Secretly Canadian.

Oak Island is artistic, multi-dimensional and doesn’t care about your priorities.

I’ll embrace the cliche and say this album is meant to be experienced, not listened to. It deserves to be put on in the background on repeat while you pack your suitcase for SXSW and three hours later realize you’re still listening to it. Then you hit play again. Then you spin it the next morning en route to work. And now again while on the plane to Austin.

There are chill parts (“I’ve Been Looking for Rain”, vocal harmonies with doot-doot-doots and bah-bah parts (“Born to Love”), Kings of Convenience VS-type parts (“Time & Peace”), super upbeat indie pop with horn chart parts (“I Fell In Love With a Feeling”) and some experimental electro parts (“Rolling Down the Hill”).

Hartley has lived up to his solo potential with this album. I seriously love it front to back. And I so rarely can ever say that.

Nightlands play the Cedar Cultural Center on Monday, March 18

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