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Review: Snugg iPad Case goes to the Minnesota North Woods (and New York City)

Snugg Camo iPad Case in the Lake Superior Forest

Snugg offered to send an iPad case to review a few weeks ago, an offer that happened to coincide with my current keyboard case losing the letter “B” key and therefore becoming less and less desirable to carry. And who really wants to type on an iPad anyway?

Snugg Camo iPad Case in the Lake Superior Forest

I opted for the Snugg Desert Camouflage case, because you just never know when you’ll need crypsis to disguise your iOS device.

Snugg Camo iPad Case in the Lake Superior Forest

I remember hearing this story — that I’ve now transformed into an urban legend — that goes something like: a man finally got to meet Steve Jobs and held up his iPhone to explain how much he loved it. Steve recoils in horror as he sees the highly-designed phone he spent hundreds of hours obsessing over wrapped in a rubber, turquoise case and exclaims, “What did you do?”

Although that may or may not have been true, you can bet Steve never wrapped his iPhone and iPad in hideous cases. He wanted us to enjoy the design and functionality as they were intended. And that’s all well and good until you — you know — drop your device. I’ve never dropped a baby, and I bet Steve never dropped an iPhone, but I’ve sure dropped an iPhone AND an iPad in the same day.

I’ve never really used an iPad case before, and I have the scratches and dents and hand salsa grime stains to prove it.

Our devices are not babies and need protection, damn it.

So now I have a case, and after a couple weeks of using it every day, I have a good handle on its benefits and limitations.

The Snugg iPad case has high quality stitching, genuine leather accents and custom material designs that should satisfy those who use their devices at work, home or play. As mentioned earlier, the only case I’ve ever really had was a keyboard shell, so it’s been awesome to reap the benefits of a magnetic case that puts the iPad to sleep, a cover that protects the screen, and the ability to fold it over into an easel-type stand. That’s been great for watching “Orange is the New Black” on Netflix while sitting in bed.

Snugg Camo iPad Case in the Lake Superior Forest

So I took the Snugg camo case to the north shore and battle tested it in the Superior Forest, full of bears and giant mosquitos. Then this week I brought it to New York City and brought it to my meeting with Facebook in their NY offices while wearing a suit — proudly plopping it down on the table next to my padfolio. Because that’s how you rock a camo iPad case, my friends.

snugg ipad camo case in nyc

Highly recommended, durable case that’s so fashion forward I can’t even stand it.

More info:
Snugg Desert Camouflage case

Per FTC guidelines, I’m disclosing that Snugg mailed me this case to review. They did not fly me to New York, nor did they provide bear mace for my trip to the north woods of Minnesota.

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