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Luna: Rendezvous

I’ll admit it – I’d never heard of Luna before. (Some lover of music I am.) So when Jetset Records sent Monkeycube a few advance copies of Luna’s latest album, Rendezvous, I gave it a clean, virgin listen-through before looking up anything about the band.
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Adam Green: Gemstones

Adam Green makes us giggle.
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Interview with: The Voodoo Organist

Picture yourself walking into a dirty biker bar on a Thursday night. You hear a thunderous organ bellowing from an adjoining room and wander over to discover the most unique one-man-band setup the devil has ever assembled.

At the helm of a skull-lined organ, drum machine and theremin sits The Voodoo Organist, snarling into the mic as if possessed by Elvis, and generally rocking out. The organ swells, the theremin sings, and the preprogrammed drums are a bit synthetic but necessary when you’ve sold your soul for a tour schedule and forgot to ask for bandmates.

Scott Weston is The Voodoo Organist.
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Podcasting: Do-It-Yourself Radio

I surprised my wife in 2004 by not wanting satellite radio for Christmas.

It pisses me off that you can only get 100 channels, and frankly that’s just not enough for someone (me) who considers himself “higher-than-FM”. Am I the only guy that commutes to work each day in total silence? I want to listen to something new and interesting — and I’m not talking about Mancow or Effeminate Male and Ditzy Blond in the Morning.

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