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Recap of Warped Tour 2010, Shakopee, MN

Warped Tour 2010, baby…

It was my fifth Van’s Warped Tour – hosted again on the lovely manure-covered lawn of Canterbury Park.

Which didn’t seem to stop the kids from getting down and dirty in the mosh pit.


Anyway, here are some bands I saw play their musical instrument machines…

The Exposed

Lead singer had a large gauge ear lobe tube in left ear only.

We the Kings

Nice of their grandparents to come to the show…

After Midnight Project

The Word Alive

This guy could scream.

I mean really scream.

The Sparring — here was their strategy: if nobody comes to see your band, get a 40 foot mic cord and walk . . . → Read More: Recap of Warped Tour 2010, Shakopee, MN

Warped Tour 2009: Canterbury Park, August 2, Shakopee, MN

Punks and posers, get out your black hair dye and scuff up your sneakers, it’s Warped Tour time, and we’ve got a hell of an update for ya.

This year’s Minneapolis stop is August 2nd at Canterbury Park.

Last year was my fourth Warped Tour, and I have to say Canterbury Park was an excellent location — way WAAAAY better than the stifling Metrodome asphalt. 

Tons and tons of info and sponsorship news after the jump…
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Review: Play Radio Play! : The Frequency EP

Play Radio Play!
The Frequency EP
Label: Stolen Transmission 

Listening to the new bouncy, synth-backed lush fest that is PlayRadioPlay’s new EP, we had no idea the group is 17-year-old Dan Hunter from Aledo, Texas.

Why is his music so dream-poppy for such a young man? Check out this quote from his publicist:

“My father passed away the summer before my freshman year of high school. My mom drank a lot and wasn’t around very much and I got into drugs and drinking and as a result ended up going to rehab for four months when I was a 14. Once I . . . → Read More: Review: Play Radio Play! : The Frequency EP

Chaplan : The Cost of Doing Business

The Cost of Doing Business

Warped Tour bands come and go – especially the ones who play just the local Hot Topic stage. That’s why it’s more important than ever-before to have a hook to help you stand out from the crowd.

What’s Minneapolis-based post-hardcore Chaplan’s hook?

For starters, all members are under 18, with the youngest ringing in at 14 years old. Sure, there are plenty of crappy teenage bands in garages throughout the Minneapolis metro area, but Chaplan isn’t one of them.

And having local rap and thrash hero Stefon “P.O.S.” Alexander produce your debut EP absolutely cannot . . . → Read More: Chaplan : The Cost of Doing Business

Monday Music News

Chrisopher Blue doesn’t care if you think there should be a “t” in his name. Check out his new disc, room tones (Sarathan Records) on April 17.
Christopher Blue : “Ghost In The Night” (mp3)

Underoath drummer, Aaron Gillespie, has come out from behind the drum set to front a new rock-based project called The Almost. The record will drop April 3. Stream the new video for “Say This Sooner” here: MOV; REAL; WIN

Wolfgang may or may not be the product of a man who fell in love with a robot and watched too much VH1 in the late 90s when . . . → Read More: Monday Music News

Album Reviews: Placebo : Ben Swift : Helmet : Massive Attack : Additional Moog : Slow Runner : Plain White T's : Anathallo : Goldenboy

Placebo’s Placebo
10th Anniversary Collectors Edition features a remaster of the group’s stellar ’96 debut album, plus exclusive, previously unavailable demo “Paycheck,” fan club-only demo “Flesh Mechanic” plus a couple b-sides. DVD features all the promo videos from the album and previously unavailable live and TV performances, including a Glastonbury 1998 performance of “Lady of The Flowers,” and a Big Breakfast roadshow performance of “Teenage Angst.”

Ben Swift’s Pull
Swift is a talented singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has produced a collection of 14 roots-rock songs crafted in his own Western Massachusetts studio.
Ben Swift – “Grass is not so Green” (mp3)

Helmet’s Monochrome
We knew the second . . . → Read More: Album Reviews: Placebo : Ben Swift : Helmet : Massive Attack : Additional Moog : Slow Runner : Plain White T's : Anathallo : Goldenboy

Britt Black : Blackout

Britt Black
Label: BoDog Music
In stores: July 25

Twenty year-old Canadian Britt Black (a.k.a. Brittin Karroll) is like the Joan Jett protege Joan never knew she had (they met the first time this summer). But the influence is obvious, especially on the chorus of the appropriately titled single, “Jet Black Heart.”

But Blackout has more to it than a hardass chick rock singer; there are appearances by our favorite guitar bands on almost every song.

For instance, David Dandy’s professional grade GNR solo on “Stuck Here,” the Tony Iommi opening lick on “Baby Come On Back” and yes, even some southern rock Skynyrd guitar nods . . . → Read More: Britt Black : Blackout

Billy Talent : II

Billy Talent
Label: Atlantic / Wea

Canadian hardcore punk/alternative rockers Billy Talent officially released their second album this week (although it leaked on June 19 and many of the tracks were available previously from soundtracks, giveaways, etc).

Compared to new songs of their many Warped counterparts, tracks like the first single “Devil In A Midnight Mass” and “Red Flag” are surprisingly cohesive. We’re told many of the tracks address politics and social issues and even the lame bedroom ballads (“Pins and Needles”) don’t suck as much as you would think.

However, I doubt there are more than 5 power chords in the group’s repetoire, and . . . → Read More: Billy Talent : II

The Vincent Black Shadow : Fears in the Water

The Vincent Black Shadow
Fears in the Water
Label: BoDog Music
In stores: July 11, 2006

The Vincent Black Shadow is not just the 1950s motorcycle often cited in the works of Hunter S. Thompson (Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, etc.).

It’s also a female vocalist-driven Canadian retro-pop group with a new album, Fears in the Water.

With vocal stylings ranging from Gwen Stefani (“Metro” and “Broken”) to Amy Lee (“Control”), singer Cassandra Ford sports a toolbox of hammering melodic inflection just begging 16 year-olds across the country to roll down their windows this summer and crank their aftermarket car stereos.

Production quality is high, but it . . . → Read More: The Vincent Black Shadow : Fears in the Water

Dead Celebrity Status : Blood Music

Dead Celebrity Status
Blood Music
In stores: June 27
Label: Bodog Music

The new album from Canadian hip-hop/rock group Dead Celebrity Status is a loaded deck featuring tight hooks, an already strong Project Wyze fanbase and laundry list of celeb collaborators.

Blood Music features Dave Navarro & Steve Perkins from Jane’s Addiction (“We Fall We Fall”), UK soul sensation Joss Stone (“Erica”), former Marilyn Manson bassist Twiggy, Bif Naked and House of Pain/Limp Bizkit’s DJ Lethal and probably others.

RIYL Eminem, Linkin Park and everything in between.

Personally, we think “Messiah” would be perfect for a SNL digital short rap parody.

Dead Celebrity Status are currently on the . . . → Read More: Dead Celebrity Status : Blood Music