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What is this?

A news and review Web site covering mostly music but also film, literature and art. We’re based in Minneapolis, MN, although we cover national and international musicians and artists.

Why Perfect Porridge?

So you’re asking yourself, “How hard can it be to make porridge?” It’s actually extremely difficult. But this ain’t no recipe site, so let’s leave it at that.

What kind of content do you cover?

National, regional and local record labels and artists send advance albums and include us on their media lists for shows, and we do our best to . . . → Read More: About Perfect Porridge

G/Z/R : Ohmwork

G/Z/R, a quartet led by the legendary Black Sabbath bassist/lyricist Geezer Butler, has released its second studio album titled, “Ohmwork.”
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The Sights

Loud, fast, hard and not afraid to beat the crap out of a piano with 2×4′s, The Sights have escaped Detroit and are kicking ass at a venue near you.

Just follow the trail of broken glass.
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The Kills: No Wow

The Kills’ blow-up album, “No Wow,” forgets it’s supposed to sound like The Velvet Underground slash White Stripes and ends up becoming its own art-rock masterpiece.
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The Mars Volta in concert: Roy Wilkins Auditorium, Saint Paul, MN

Thursday, May 19 – The Mars Volta basically give a “kick you in the balls and laugh” type of live performance, as evidenced by last week’s show in St. Paul’s unfortunate Roy Wilkins Auditorium.
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Neon: Hit Me Again EP

Some people hate it when they import a CD into their iTunes and find that an album hasn’t been listed yet. Some people also have sex with goats.
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Bonnaroo Music Festival: Live 2004 (Double Disc)

By Bonnaroo’s third year in 2004, the exalted Tennesee music destination had transformed from its jam-band roots into the ‘nu-Woodstock’ for the MTV2 generation.
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The sunlit beach contrasts with the dark blue water and stormy clouds. Am I dreaming, or is this a cosmic trip I’ve planned for weeks?

Either way, there’s a conch shell in front of me, and I can’t stop my hand from reaching down to pick it up. My arm brings the shell to my ear, and Hal’s dreamy Irish pop passes my eardrum and flows directly into my cerebellum. Watch out brain, here comes Hal.
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