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Batman Begins

The standing ovation at the Twin Cities IMAX on the opening night of Batman Begins was echoed across the country. This ain’t no Burton-esque phantasmagorical adventure. This ain’t no cheesy fast food marketing opportunity. Batman has indeed begun, and from now on, there’s no stopping the Dark Knight.
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Mr. and Mrs. Smith

“Sometimes I just want to (makes strangle motion),” says Brad Pitt’s John Smith character to his marriage therapist.

This quote pretty much sums up Mr. and Mrs. Smith in one quote.
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Amusement Parks on Fire

With a picturesque chordal intro segued into the progression for “Venus in Cancer,” Amusement Parks on Fire’s debut album kicks off with determined youthful spirit that only builds as the album unfurls like whole leaf tea bud steeping in sultry cup of talent.
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The White Stripes: Get Behind Me Satan

Here’s a high-level recap of the new White Stripes album for those of you studying for the SATs:

Load:Metallica::Get Behind Me Satan:White Stripes
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Long-View : Mercury

From Winchester to Manchester to Leeds, Rob McVey, guitarist Doug Morch, bassist Aidan Banks and drummer Matt Dabbs think you stupid Americans should perk up and check their band Long-View out. And I do, too.
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