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Sinead O'Connor : Collaborations

Sinead O’Connor
Available: June 21, 2005
Label: Capitol
Rating: 2/5

This album is a collection of the bald-headed, Pope-photo-ripping, Irish pop tart’s collaborations from the last 20 years – an exercise to prove that she was really more than a flash in the pan with “Nothing Compares to U” and “Mandinka.”
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Silversun Pickups : Pikul EP

Silversun Pickups
Pikul EP
Available: July 26, 2005
Label: Dangerbird Records
Rating: 4/5

Silversun Pickups are part of The Ship Collective in LA (an incestuous artist group much like Saddle Creek in Omaha where everyone plays on each other’s albums and roles are blurred). “Pikul” is their debut EP, and it’s pronounced pie-kull, although pickle is funnier. Billed as L.A.’s best kept secret.
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Death Cab For Cutie : Plans

Death Cab For Cutie
Available: August 30, 2005
Label: Atlantic Records

Yesterday marked Seattle-based Death Cab for Cutie’s sixth full-length album release and major label debut, “Plans,” on Atlantic Records.

The follow-up to 2003′s much praised Transatlanticism, Plans is sure to please diehard fans and the label is hoping it will attract the masses with its “delectable pop gems.” We’ll see.
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Jimmy Webb : Twilight of the Rengades

Jimmy Webb
Twilight of the Renegades
Available: August 16, 2005)
Label: Sanctuary
Rating: 0/5

I’m pretty sure we have no business reviewing anything from Jimmy Webb, BUT we received not one but two (2!) advance copies of his new album. Therefore, we feel guilty and will make a fair attempt. But wait. We don’t know anything about him and couldn’t get through the first song on this album.
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Dimension Mix : Various Artists

Dimension Mix
Various Artists
Available: August 23, 2005
Label: Eenie Meenie Records
Rating: 5/5

Starting in the 1960s, Dimension 5 Records for Children released some of the most groundbreaking works in the field of educational and electronic recordings ever heard and captured on vinyl. The brainchild of electronic music pioneer Bruce Haack and educational genius Esther Nelson, Dimension 5 explored such far out concepts as body mind integration, meditation, astral projection, endangered species, world music, robotics and now they’re out to cure autism.

Dimension mix is a collection of cover songs and remixes by today’s musical pioneers, a fitting tribute to Haack and Nelson. Over 18 artists, . . . → Read More: Dimension Mix : Various Artists

The Like : Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking

The Like
Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking
Available: September 13, 2005
Label: Geffen Records
Rating: 3/5

This ain’t your typical chick rock band (we think). With a style alternating between the Cranberries on Prozac and Joan Jett on the rag, The Like have finally graduated high school, signed to a real record label with a real producer and are ready to break into your high school daughter’s iPod in the very near future.

If you like The Pretenders, The Sundays and other “The” bands, check out their three songs on iTunes to tide you over until the album drop date. The girls, who previously opened for Maroon 5 and Phantom Planet, will be kicking with Tori Amos this fall and then finish their tour on Last Call with Carson Daly on October 7th — where we’re sure he will ogle them, half-flirt with Z.Berg and generally make all of us uncomfortable.
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Eels : Blinking Lights and Other Revelations

Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
Available: April 26, 2005
Label: Vagrant Records
Rating: 5/5

Mark Oliver Everett is your typical gifted musician. Became interested in rock through his big sister’s record collection at a young age, started playing drums and piano at age six, was expelled from school and eventually taught himself how to play guitar. Since several of his friends were also named Mark, Everett started going by the letter “E,” and it stuck. That’s the point where typical was turned on its head.
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The White Stripes : Minneapolis, MN

The White Stripes
Orpheum Theater, Minneapolis, MN
August 26, 2005

I first saw The White Stripes at the historic First Avenue club in the heart of downtown Minneapolis on July 13, 2002, and a second time only a year later on July 3, 2003 in the unfortunate Roy Wilkins Auditorium in St. Paul.

Since then, the Detroit duo have been noticeably absent from the Twin Cities as they readied their fifth album, played five continuous nights on Conan O’Brien and an exhalted spot performing on the MTV VMAs.
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