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The Go! Team : Minneapolis, MN

The Go! Team
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN
Oct. 28, 2005

There was no question that the “Power [was] ON!” at the legendary First Avenue nightclub Friday night as The Go! Team rocked out, rapped and then dance-party-assaulted an all ages crowd of Twin City fans.

Playing mostly from their unrivaled, Mercury Prize-nominated debut, Thunder, Lightning, Strike, the Go! Team often switched instruments and interacted with the crowd, al while pounding out an undeniably upbeat show of turntable hits via rock performance.
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Sabrosa Purr : Music From the Violet Room

Sabrosa Purr
Music From the Violet Room
Available: October 4, 2005
Label: Dangerbird Records

The scant reviews and background to be found online for this group all tout echos of Pink Floyd, Secret Machines and Nirvana, but when listening to Sabrosa Purr’s new EP, Music From the Violet Room, I hear two influences even stronger: Filter frontman Richard Patrick’s subtle lyrical approach and vocal screams (e.g. “The Lovely People”) and then an old and new Billy Corgan-influence both musically and vocally on the rest of the tracks.

With that said, this band is actually pretty good and the EP is fairly strong. The group has dates . . . → Read More: Sabrosa Purr : Music From the Violet Room

The Go! Team : Minneapolis

The Go! Team at First Avenue. Tickets are still available. Don’t . . . → Read More: The Go! Team : Minneapolis

Iron Maiden : Numbers from the Beast

Iron Maiden
Numbers from the Beast:
An All Star Salute to Iron Maiden

Available: October 11, 2005
Label: Restless Records

Celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, Iron Maiden has authorized this new tribute album featuring 11 classics reworked by their metal contemporaries and apprentices – complete with another stellar cover featuring Eddie, the zombie who has graced the artwork of every official Maiden album.
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45 Grave : Only the Good Die Young

45 Grave
Only the Good Die Young
Available: October 11, 2005
Label: Restless Records

Is this 1988 or did Megadeath really help hell freeze over?
I wasn’t old enough to party it up in L.A. in ’88, so 45 Grave’s re-release of their concert at Raji’s club in Hollywood that July will have to do. And the album underpromises and overdelivers. With really great sound quality, “Only the Good Die Young,” brings new and old fans a permanent record of one of the classic L.A. reunion shows Grave did in the late ’80s (group originally broke up in ’83 after cutting just one official album).
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Metric : Minneapolis, MN

Ascot Room, Quest Club
October 22, 2005

Saturday’s Metric show in the curious Ascot Room turned out the crowd I complained about staying home exactly a week ago.
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Aerosmith : Rockin' The Joint

Rockin’ The Joint
(Live At The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas)

[Live DualDisc]
Label: Sony
Available: October 25, 2005

I came of age to Aerosmith’s Get a Grip, the superhit album boasting five hit singles (Livin’ on the Edge, Crazy, Cryin’, Eat the Rich, Walk This Way). I wore this CD out and bought another. But Rockin’ The Joint doesn’t include any of those songs. And after Armageddon, like a lot fans, I pretty much tuned Aerosmith out – so I’ll admit I don’t really know most of the songs on this album.
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The Mars Volta : Scabdates

The Mars Volta
Scabdates (advance track links)

On November 8th, The Mars Volta will release the live full-length album Scabdates. The album is said to capture the band’s explosive live performance, which isn’t possible, but it’s worth a try. After this year’s successful Frances the Mute and the unrivaled Deloused in the Comatorium debut, let’s just be glad sometimes you can take a show with you.
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The Sun : Minneapolis, MN

The Sun
October 13, 2005
Ascot Room, Minneapolis, MN

I have never been so disappointed in the Minneapolis music scene. Last night The Sun and Apollo Sunshine played at The Quest’s Ascot Room to a paying crowd of 2 people. Across the street at the Club 3 Degrees, more than 150 people were jammed into the door. Son Volt and Wolf Parade had great shows at First Avenue/7th St. Entry. 2024 had a small showcase with about 50 people, and I’m sure Vince Gill did well over at the State Theater.
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Tarantula A.D. : Book of Sand

Tarantula A.D.
Book of Sand
Label: Kemado Records
Available: November 1, 2005

In a rustic lodge on an isolated island off the coast of Washington state, Tarantula A.D. set out to record their new album amidst a somber fog. Meanwhile, the rest of us went on with our hectic lives, jobs, families and everyday problems. For those few weeks, immersed in an undisturbed environment, the New York three-piece turned out the mind-teasingly perfect Book of Sand.
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