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MP3 Dump

Here are some suggested MP3′s courtesy of our good friends at Filter Magazine. There’s some good stuff here, so check it out.

Magnet: “Hold On”
from “The Tourniquet” in stores February 14th.

The Sounds: “Painted By Numbers”
from “Dying To Say This To You” in stores March 21st.

Devics: “Come Up”
From “Push the Heart” in stores March 7th.

The Subways: “Rock and Roll Queen”
from “Young For Eternity” in stores Feb 14th.
plus bonus Tv On the Radio cover of “Staring at the Sun”

Mellowdrone: “Oh My”
from “BOX” in stores March 7th.

The Sword: “Winter’s Wolves”
from “Age of Winters” in stores February 14th.

Nine Black Alps: “Cosmopolitan”
Real and Win
from “Everything Is” . . . → Read More: MP3 Dump

Sonata Arctica – Heavy Metal Tuesday!

If you’re a fan of heavy metal, you’re in luck tonight. The Finnish prog metal quartet Sonata Arctica play Star Central tonight for an 18+ show.

Local metal group Visideon and Omaha metalists Cellador open. Music starts at 7:30 p.m.

Here’s a brief description from

Sonata Arctica specializes in a soaring, orchestral variation on European heavy metal, fusing the sweeping, romantic bombast of bands like Europe with the over-the-top instrumental chops of Dream Theater.

The group’s third album, “Winterheart’s Guild”, has been certified gold in Finland for sales in excess of 15,000 copies, and is currently touring North American to promote their new album, . . . → Read More: Sonata Arctica – Heavy Metal Tuesday!

Universal Music Poland Combats Piracy With Cut-Rate Discs

From Digital Music News today:

The Polish division of the Universal Music Group has recently adopted a new method for defeating piracy. The company is drastically dropping the price of its CDs, by 30 percent in many cases. “It was the natural thing to do, because CDs aren’t selling and clients aren’t accepting the price,” said Universal Music Polska president Andrzej Puczynski in comments to the Warsaw Business Journal. “It took us a year and a half of negotiations with the head office to finally get them to accept our idea.” The Ludzka Cena (Fair Price) initiative is largely experimental, and other . . . → Read More: Universal Music Poland Combats Piracy With Cut-Rate Discs

Two Gallants : What the Toll Tells

Two Gallants
What the Toll Tells
Available: February 21
Label: Saddle Creek

Wow, I’ve got a lot of albums to get through after my brief vacation, and I must say I can’t stop listening to Two Gallant’s second album, What the Toll Tells. After much thought, I’ve decided the San Francisco twenty-something duo of Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel are best described as Bright Eyes with balls meets Dylan. That’s the best I can do.

While the label is pushing, “Las Cruces Jail” — which is indeed a great song with the blues bravado and storytelling charm of Jack White set to a ghostly Wild West . . . → Read More: Two Gallants : What the Toll Tells

New music Monday

For The Season

The Gris GrisBirdman Records

Buy at iTunes Music Store

Download the mp3 of “Year Zero“

The Black Angels

The Black AngelsLight In The Attic

Buy at iTunes Music Store

Download the mp3 of “Black Grease“

High Expectations/Low Results

FauntsFriendly Fire Recordings

Buy at iTunes Music Store

Download the mp3 of “Will You Tell . . . → Read More: New music Monday

Bubble : Steven Soderbergh

“Dreamworks, Carmike and Mel Gibson be damned!” That’s what the folks at Magnolia Pictures said this weekend as they laughed themselves to the bank on Steven Soderbergh’s indy latest film, Bubble, which coincidentally stars nobody you’ve heard of, probably isn’t playing at a theatre near you, and was released via DVD the same weekend as it hit theaters. Yet it grossed $5 million in revenues, including only $72,000 from 32 screens…the rest of the cash comes from DVD pre-orders! The stereotypical film marketing bubble has popped.

But more importantly than its innovative marketing strategy is the film itself. Really, it’s a fantastic . . . → Read More: Bubble : Steven Soderbergh

Death Cab and Darkness news

From e-mails this week:

Death Cab for Cutie has just released the first video from “DIRECTIONS,” an innovative anthology of 12 short films inspired by each song on the band’s acclaimed album PLANS. Every song, including the hit single “Soul Meets Body” and the upcoming follow-up “Crooked Teeth,” will be delivered by a different director.

You can view the first video from the collection, “Marching Bands of Manhattan”, directed by video director and designer P.R. Brown, on the band’s website today. P.R. Brown has directed videos for Billy Corgan, Matisyahu and Motley Crue, as well as designed over 350 album covers, several . . . → Read More: Death Cab and Darkness news

Monkeycube in your face, sucka

Check out this post from Monkeycube featuring some delicious tunes from Talking Heads, Morphine and Meghana . . . → Read More: Monkeycube in your face, sucka

Sundance Film Festival 2006

So after a whirlwind week in NYC last week, I hopped a plane straight for Utah to work the Sundance Film Festival for a client in one of 49 VIP lounges reserved for Celebs, producers and media.

And although only in the actual lounge for a few hours each day, we were able to meet a good number of b-level celebs including: DJAM, Tyler Hilton, Rob Thomas, Rufus Wainwright, Lance Bass, Tommy Lee, Crispin Glover, Anna Nalik, Shannon Elizabeth, James Vanderbeek and Matt Dillon.

Meanwhile, the Beastie Boys were playing “the official” concert on Wednesday but came to our lounge the Tuesday night . . . → Read More: Sundance Film Festival 2006

PerfectPorridge in the News

I was interviewed for this story in the Pioneer Press about three weeks ago and forwarded Julio the majority of these links. We were pleased to be included in the sidebar of local Web resources!

Here’s the info from the sidebar with hyperlinks…
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