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The Submarines : Declare a New State

The Submarines
Declare a New State
Label: Nettwerk Records
Available now on iTunes and eMusic
In stores: June 20

I found out the hard way…you’re not cool unless you listen to the Submarines and can recite their love story in all it’s romantically collaborative glory. But I’m all caught up now, and can confidently say the duo’s music is almost as good as the backstory behind it.

Declare a New State is a melancholic tribute to Blake Hazard and John Dragonetti’s failed and renewed relationship — mixed as a gift for the recent wedding (awww).

“Peace and Hate,” the first track, is the single the label’s pushing (it . . . → Read More: The Submarines : Declare a New State

Big City Rock : Self-titled

Big City Rock
Big City Rock
Label: Atlantic / Wea

Maroon 5′s Adam Levine says Big City Rock is his “favorite new band,” according to the sticker on the group’s self-titled debut. And it’s no question why, with BCR’s arena rock hooks, catchy choruses and downright pretentious power pop attitude.

With that said, there are no surprises on this album, so don’t expect them. That’s the beauty of popular pop, I suppose.

The most interesting thing is that although the group hails from L.A., three of the fivesome are from Madison, WI. That’s not a big city . . . → Read More: Big City Rock : Self-titled

Hard Fi : Stars of CCTV

Hard Fi
Stars of CCTV
Label: Wea/Atlantic

Iowans call it a “Shazam,” most Americans call it an “ATM Machine,” and Hard-Fi call it a “Cash Machine.” Either way, the concept is the same. Push the button; get paid.

And that’s what the Middlesex-based Brit rockers are banking for with their self-financed debut album, Stars of CCTV, which is already a top album in the UK and building buzz with its release and major label push in the U.S.

In fact, you’ve probably already heard the first single, “Cash Machine,” especially since Hard Fi are one of the hottest bands out of Britain right now (cough – . . . → Read More: Hard Fi : Stars of CCTV

Improv Device at Suburban World Theater Saturday

Got an e-mail from Michael Ferrier of Electropolis today. He has a side project called Improvised Explosive Device, and they have a really fun show coming up this Saturday, April 29 at the Suburban World Theater.

“It’s a coming-together of both the musical and video realms in a truly innovative and improvisatory way,” says Ferrier. “The video artists are able to real-time improvise with imagery along with the musicians (and I must say they are getting better and better at it every day, they blow my mind frequently), and the fluidity of images and music has really inspired a tangibly excited response . . . → Read More: Improv Device at Suburban World Theater Saturday

New Music Tuesday

Frog Eyes
The Bloody Hand
Label: Absolutely Kosher
Buy at iTunes Music Store
FREE MP3 Download “Our Lordship Has Devised A New Billing System” (MP3, 192kbps)

Label: Soft Abuse
Buy at iTunes Music Store
FREE MP3 Download “Wild Dogs” (MP3, 192kbps)

Project Polaroid (tom c3 & kool keith)
Project Polaroid (tomc3 & kool keith)
Label: Threshold Recordings, LLC
Buy at iTunes Music Store
FREE MP3 Download “Space 8000” . . . → Read More: New Music Tuesday

Random music news for youse

From, RIAA files more 235 more lawsuits against music fans, regardless of their unproven efficacy at stopping downloads.

Green Plastic reports tickets for the Radiohead shows in Chicago June 19/20 will go on sale May 6.

Advertising Age says: “Apple — a brand that prides itself on the purity of the user experience — will soon put up billboards on its popular iTunes service, according to content partners who have been briefed on the plan. The introduction of visual ads could be the first step to allowing ads in other content areas or on iPods. ”

And Pitchfork reports that the Smashing Pumpkins . . . → Read More: Random music news for youse

St. Paul Art Crawl Photo Montage

RAD perform at Lowertown Wine & Spirits during the Spring 2006 St. Paul Art Crawl

More pictures after the jump.
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St. Paul Art Crawl This Weekend

As mentioned in my Metroblog post, this weekend is the St. Paul Art Crawl.

It’s a self-guided tour of 200 artists’ studios across 20 buildings in downtown and lowertown St. Paul, complete with shuttle bus. There’s tons of parking, a few stairs to climb (note: elevators are SLOW in these old warehouses) and unbelievable local art to view/purchase.

The St. Paul artist community is very cool. Hours are Friday 5-10 p.m., Sat 12-7 p.m., Sun 12-5 p.m. Download the flyer with map and shuttle bus stops here (pdf).

I did my best to pull together a listing of the many musical groups performing, but . . . → Read More: St. Paul Art Crawl This Weekend

The iOs : In Sunday Songs

The iOs
In Sunday Songs
Label: Kanine Records
In stores: May 16

The iOs, a New York five piece dubbed “nu garde” by the Village Voice, are full of new wavy power pop, boy-girl lyrics and an affinity for the Rentals, Cardigans and Weezer.

Building on the success of their five-track Center and Stop EP, the group is launching their first full length, In Sunday Songs, next month with a bright synthy future planned as the group attempts to escape the NY and CA touring circuits.

Favorites on the new disc include the laid back Clash cool of single “Resident Alien” and my I swear to God . . . → Read More: The iOs : In Sunday Songs

Be Your Own Pet : Summer Sensation

Be Your Own Pet
Summer Sensation
Label: Ecstatic Peace

Formed in 2002 at the Nashville School of the Arts, Be Your Own Pet (BYOP) has a musical pedigree unmatched in any post-punk groups today or ever before, so it’s no wonder they’re getting a PR boost before any of them have even reached their 18th b-day.

And while they may not yet be legal, BYOP have made a big splash in the UK and are setting their sites on the states.

Rock guitars and quirky, abrasive vocals are the hook here — even more so than Metric and actually a lot like local Minneapolis duo Great . . . → Read More: Be Your Own Pet : Summer Sensation