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Paolo Nutini : Ben Kweller

–Scottish-born Paolo Nutini has readied his debut Atlantic release, The Live Sessions EP, set to hit stores September 12th. The EP preceeds the 19-year-old singer/songwriter’s forthcoming full-length debut, These Streets, scheduled for release early next year. Stream “New Shoes (Live from the 12 Bar)” here: REAL, WIN

MP3: Paolo Nutini — “These Streets (Live from Bush Studios)”

–And Ben Kweller’s continuing video barrage: here’s Episode 5 of 9, in which Ben tells us all about his road manager Kitt (not Knight Rider, though), and Kitt’s dad, who designed model trains for . . . → Read More: Paolo Nutini : Ben Kweller

26th Annual Minnesota Music Awards (MMA) Final Ballots Out Now

The Minnesota Music Academy (MMA) has released the final ballots for the 26th Annual Minnesota Music Awards. The MMA’s “recognize and celebrate the outstanding accomplishments within the Minnesota music community each year.”

Of note, are the groups nominated for “New Group/Artist of the Year”
a. The Alarmists
b. God Damn Doo Wop Band
c. Pert’ Near Sandstone
d. Stook
e. White Light Riot

Final ballot here (pdf). Remember, you must be a member to vote. However, for a mere $25, you can join, vote AND support the local MN music scene. That’s a triple win, people.

Ballots must be postmarked by Saturday, September 16, 2006, when you can stop . . . → Read More: 26th Annual Minnesota Music Awards (MMA) Final Ballots Out Now

Los Abandoned : Mix Tape

Los Abandoned
Mix Tape
Label: Vapor/Sanctuary
Release Date: September 12, 2006

With the influx of Latino culture in the past few years, it’s really surprising there hasn’t been a Spanglish mainstream punk crossover sooner than now. And L.A.’s Los Abandoned has the bi-lingual changeups down to a science.

Con la afluencia de la cultura de Latino en el pasado pocos años, realmente está sorprendiendo allí no ha sido una cruce de corriente del punky de Spanglish más pronto que ahora. Y L.A.’s Los abandonado tiene los changeups bilingües abajo a una ciencia.

And while we may not be able to tell what they’re saying, we do know . . . → Read More: Los Abandoned : Mix Tape

El Presidente : Self-titled

El Presidente
El Presidente
Label: Sony/BMG
Release Date: September 12, 2006

Scottish pop-rock group El Presidente was formed in 2005 by former Gun member Dante Gizzi. Thanks to their popalicious glam-rock sound and live performance approach, they’ve been billed the Scottish Scissor Sisters and have met with medium success in Europe, including the release of four singles.

While you can practically isolate stolen Led Zeppelin, RENT, Prince and Beach Boys riffs throughout the album, tracks are relatively catchy and you can see why they translate well live. In fact, Gizzi has been quoted saying, “…my style icon is actually Prince. I love dressing up and I . . . → Read More: El Presidente : Self-titled

The Poems : Young America

The Poems
Young America
Label: Minty Fresh
Release date: September 12, 2006

Scottish (super?)group The Poems are comprised of members of the Bluebells, the High Fidelity and Love and Money, plus Kerry Polwart and Amy Ogletree, two first-time vocalists who do their best at sultry-meets-mysterious sing-song lo-fi.

Guests contributors include members of Belle And Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub and The Proclaimers. And man, those Scots sure aren’t in a hurry at all; this album simply could not get more laid back. Spin this disc on a lazy Sunday morning with a cat in . . . → Read More: The Poems : Young America

Soulwax : Nite Versions

Nite Versions
Label: Modular/Interscope
Release Date: September 12, 2006

Belgian electro-rockers had a big hit with their album Any Minute Now, and rather than release new material, they’ve done some reinventing of their own sound this time.

Nite Versions opens with an amazing rock cover of Daft Punks’s “Teachers” and then segues into “Miserable Girl,” a progressive loop with a building grind even non-clubbers can enjoy.

MP3: Soulwax – . . . → Read More: Soulwax : Nite Versions

The Purrs : Self-Titled

The Purrs
The Purrs
Label: Sarathan Records
Release Date: September 12, 2006

Seattle’s The Purrs had multiple hits on local radio station KEXP, and thanks to the breadth of streaming Internet radio, built a fanbase without ever leaving the Emerald City.

Now Sarathan Records is releasing their self-titled, national debut comprised of seven tracks off their Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of LP and some remixes from their No Particular Bar, No Particular Town EP. All we have to say is, “Mmm…shoegazer.”

Lyrics about drinking, dreams and songwriting are generally unobtrusive, and musically, there’s some Richard Ashcroft (The Verve) and Galaxie 500 influence here. Our favorite . . . → Read More: The Purrs : Self-Titled

New Music Tuesday : MP3s

Mark Mallman
Between The Devil And Middle C
Label: Badman Recording Co
Buy at iTunes Music Store
MP3: “Death Wish” (MP3, 192kbps)

Casper & The Cookies
The Optimist’s Club
Label: Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records
Buy at iTunes Music Store
MP3: “Kiss A Friend” (MP3, 192kbps)

Send Someone Away feat. José Gonzáles
Label: DNM – Dealers of Nordic Music
Buy at iTunes Music Store
MP3: “Send Someone Away (Feat. José González)” . . . → Read More: New Music Tuesday : MP3s

Hot Chip : The Warning

Hot Chip
The Warning
Label: Astralwerks

British duo Hot Chip’s second album, The Warning is an aural feast. The album totally fits whatever mood you’d like, and it has those unassuming, yet pervasive underbeats akin to The Notwist and the subtle sensibility of Kings of Convenience we crave about three times a month.

In particular, we love the nondescript bells on the title track, the electro-soul spectacularness of “And I Was a Boy From School” (which actually reminds us we need to listen to Mellowdrone’s new disc again), and the John-Lennon-wearing-Zubaz vocals on “Colour.”

Overall, it’s 12 tracks of boisterous, wistful wonderment, and we can’t wait . . . → Read More: Hot Chip : The Warning

Thosquanta : Lovelife

Label: 301Studios

While of lot of tunes reviewed on Perfect Porridge reflect our love of indie rock, we will readily admit our secret love of industrial music. Lucky us to have the new Thosquanta disc arrive in the kitchen this week.

Minneapolis’ Adam Powell has grown his late-90s dorm room project into the four member Thosquanta (pronounce it correctly, and win a badly scratched record), and we like what we hear.

Lovelife’s mix of grumbling, darkwave lyrics interspersed with Jen Plum’s female panache, gothy metal synth and industrial beats yield a refreshing mix of straight-up electronica and electrowave you can dance, sing or cry . . . → Read More: Thosquanta : Lovelife