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Review: Rob Zombie : Zombie Live

Rob Zombie
Zombie Live
Label: Geffen Records

Rob Zombie knows how to throw a rock show party. We’ve seen both Ozzy and Zombie multiple times indoors and out — including their Merry Mayhem Tour tour together back in 2001 when Ozzy broke his leg but still toured (that was pre-MTV’s Osbournes… before Ozzy was more a laughingstock than a revered rock icon as he is now).

The great thing about seeing Zombie’s stage show indoors is you can feel the heat from the pyrotechnics and better see the colossal robots and other stage creatures emerge from his massive set.

Last week, . . . → Read More: Review: Rob Zombie : Zombie Live

Lester, Arson Plus, Guerilla Blue : Hexagon Bar, Minneapolis, MN : October 25, 2007


Lester, featuring group leader David Krejci, Icy Shores drummer Nick Larsen, bassist Rus Kos and Guitarzan, played their CD Release Show at Minneapolis’ Hexagon Bar Thursday.

It may have taken an intense family shake-up to jar Krejci’s songwriting and performance skills back into action, but rusty these skills are not. The crowd of about 40 were treated to a healthy dose of rockin’ tracks from Hide of Frankenstein, plus an AC/DC cover of “Beatin Around the Bush.” Read our interview with Krejci and review of the album here. Watch some 30 second video clips from the live . . . → Read More: Lester, Arson Plus, Guerilla Blue : Hexagon Bar, Minneapolis, MN : October 25, 2007

Interview: Stook! : When the Needle Hits the Wax

When the Needle Hits the Wax
Release Date: October 26, 2007
Label: Draw Fire Records

We first told you about Stook! (aka Josh Stuckey) back in February 2006.

Since then, Stook! has experienced a huge liftoff of popularity in the Twin Cities, in large part to his signature sound, guy next door persona and candy-loving posts across local message boards.

When you have a local roots-rock songwriter extolling how awesome the Twin Cities are, how awesome the scene is here and doing his part to make it better, how can you not embrace, support and love this guy? We mean, seriously people.

. . . → Read More: Interview: Stook! : When the Needle Hits the Wax

Interview: Dan Israel : Turning

Dan Israel
Label: Eclectone Records

We don’t throw this reference around lightly…Minneapolis songwriter Dan Israel is simply the best homage to Dylan’s home state singer-songwriter heritage we can offer – and he’s damned good, to boot.

Don’t get sucked into the politics behind such an assertion. Instead, listen to some tracks, read up on this guy and go see him live.

Dan Israel : “Counting on You” (mp3)

Dan Israel : “News to Me” (mp3)

And here’s our exclusive interview with Mr. Israel himself…

Ninth album – this is your 9th album, Dan. Do you realize how many hours you’ve . . . → Read More: Interview: Dan Israel : Turning

Review: Lester : Hide of Frankenstein (show tonight)

Hide of Frankenstein

David Krejci is an experimental Minneapolis songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and all-around tortured soul whom you may know from his Reverend Strychn Trio and Cleophone projects.

However, unlike the dark, droning textures, and instrumental atmospheric sounds of the Cleophone recordings, his new project — Lester — is a rock band, which relies on more traditional guitar, organ, drums and vocals (song structure, you know, all that good stuff). Although, fans of Reverend Strychn Trio’s back catalog will notice a resemblance to Krejci’s flamboyant arrangements and penchant for the macabre

The 15 tracks on his new album, Hide of Frankenstein, represent an . . . → Read More: Review: Lester : Hide of Frankenstein (show tonight)

Review: Oslo : The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate

The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate
Release Date: October 23, 2007
Label: Six Feet Music Group

Today, Los Angeles-based band Oslo unfurled their sophomore release, The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate, upon the masses.

Brooding, moody and dripping in 80′s alt rock, most of the album relies too heavily on repeated power chords

“Things Fall Apart” is one of the better tracks. Epic, yet 5 minutes is pushing it. “Crowded Room” is set to a 6/8 tribal beat and features some intense orchestration.

We just wish lead singer Mattia Borrani would shrug off the restraint and belt . . . → Read More: Review: Oslo : The Rise and Fall of Love and Hate

Review: Soft : Gone Faded

Gone Faded
Release Date: October 23, 2007
Label: academy fight song records

We’ve got a hard-on for soft. Reminiscent of a dreamy, estrogen-riddled Filter (circa ” Take A Picture”), these New York shoegazers know a thing or two about sweeping reverb and la la lyrics.

From their full-length debut, Gone Faded, we recommend track “Great Spirit,” which boasts more of a layered, UK wall of sound influence (ala The Music) than sad, lonely hipster bedroom pity tunes found in the group’s peers of Oasis rip-offs.

Soft : . . . → Read More: Review: Soft : Gone Faded

New Music Tuesday: Thosquanta, Soulsavers, Thrice, The Hit & Mrs., The Cotton Jones Basket Ride

Minneapolis industrial outfit Thosquanta have released a remix of last summer’s album, Lovelife, from artists including Caustic, Dissociate, Endless Blue, GNP, OBCT and Word Clock. It’s called Young, Rich & Out of Control, and you can download it for FREE. Be warned the zip file here is 80 mb.

Thosquanta : Young, Rich & Out of Control (mp3 via zip)

Soulsavers‘ Rich Machin and Ian Glover teamed up with Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) for their new disc, It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land on Columbia Records.

Between the upbeat tracks 1 and 9 rest serene sleepers guaranteed to . . . → Read More: New Music Tuesday: Thosquanta, Soulsavers, Thrice, The Hit & Mrs., The Cotton Jones Basket Ride

Review : Magnet : Simple Life

The Simple Life
Label: Filter U.S.

We’re hopscotching clouds in the Kingdom of Caring. Later, you’ll find us pedaling down the cobblestone path outside the Land Without Feelings.

What’s gotten into us? We’ve been listening to Norway’s Magnet, and his fourth album, The Simple Life — we are tooootally chill, man.

Except for a Bob Marley cover (“She’s Gone”), this album’s smooth, sweet strings and plucky banjo instrumentation are divine and show a maturity and talent that can’t be faked.

Ironically, Simple Life is a meandering, confused album that doesn’t stay in one plane or on one theme long enough to . . . → Read More: Review : Magnet : Simple Life

Review: MGMT : Oracular Spectacular

Well, although we’ve never mentioned them once, we’ve been outed by a commenter for preferring the likes of groups like Of Montreal better than mindless crotch rock like Alter Bridge. We suppose they’re correct.

In that case, may we recommend MGMT, who are currently touring with Of Montreal.

MGMT would never recycle big pop rock hooks for the sake of selling albums. Oh no siree. In fact, the duo’s much-anticipated first full-length album, Oracular Spectacular, frolics through fields of originality — bursting with buttery dewdrop melodies and sunbaked choruses.

MGMT : “Kids” (win stream)

And although they already breezed through . . . → Read More: Review: MGMT : Oracular Spectacular