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Constant Velocity Interview

Bloomington, Illinois’ Constant Velocity have a new album, Muttonhead, out on the Miscellaneous Music label. We had the opportunity to chat with the band about arguments, hatred of Toby Keith and writing songs about Eric Clapton….

Who is Constant Velocity?
Constant Velocity is a three way argument between punk-rock, prog-rock and some third thing that we have yet to determine.

That’s an argument you can never win. Nice. So given that, how would you define your sound?
Well, every band wants to tell the world that they are beyond classification and that they are genre-busting revolutionaries with guitars. We are no exception in this, but . . . → Read More: Constant Velocity Interview

Eastern Sweats : Atmoscene

Miami via Brooklyn band Eastern Sweats want you to check them out. After listening thru “Atmoscene,” I think you should, too…

Eastern Sweats : “Let Whatever Be” (mp3)
Eastern Sweats : . . . → Read More: Eastern Sweats : Atmoscene

The Broken River Prophet : "This Gaping Wound In My Chest Is Like Reading Your Diary Out Loud" (mp3)

The Broken River Prophet:
“The origins of the prophethood began in one fellow’s imagination and sometimes at his house, many years ago with waltzy banjo dirges and cassette tape manipulations.

During lulls in his other musical activites (Lockrgroove, Tiny Amps, Shenzou 5) his path crossed with others whose philosophies, song fragments, distortion pedals, and various and sundry items could be combined and expounded upon.

Time would pass, trajectories would alter or intersect, new collaborations would mutate exisiting sounds into something new and so on and so forth until we arrive at the current incarnation…”

The Broken River Prophet : “This Gaping Wound In My Chest . . . → Read More: The Broken River Prophet : "This Gaping Wound In My Chest Is Like Reading Your Diary Out Loud" (mp3)

Beware Fashionable Women Interview

What is Beware Fashionable Women?
We’re an LA four piece band playing what we would define as indie music.

Okay, “indie” — but how would you describe your sound?
BFW has been described as a combination of several influential bands, among them: The Violent Femmes, Weezer, The Beach Boys, and The Eels. The band explores various influences and styles while maintaining a distinctly indie rock sound. The self titled album contains ten tracks of various styles and influences. We recorded the album ourselves under my recording/composition entity, Spearhead Audio.

What’s the story with your track “Obligatoy Tattoo”?
Before writing the song, I had . . . → Read More: Beware Fashionable Women Interview

Kristoff Krane : This Will Work For Now

Local Minneapolis hip-hop artist Kristoff Krane releases his solo album, This Will Work For Now, on Friday, September 19th with all-ages and 21+ CD Release shows at the 7th St. Entry. He’ll also be selling copies of his professionally bound, 199 page soft-cover book.

Here’s a video with . . . → Read More: Kristoff Krane : This Will Work For Now

The Lordz : "Outlaw"

The Lordz, Brooklyn’s hip-punk/hop-rockers, come to Minneapolis’ Fine Line Music Cafe with Everlast on September 22. I trust they’ll be wearing . . . → Read More: The Lordz : "Outlaw"

Interview with Jeremy Messersmith, The Silver City

Today I got the opportunity to chat with Minneapolis songwriter Jeremy Messersmith about his new album, The Silver City, which we told you about last week.

What was recording process like for The Silver City? Was it much different than The Alcatraz Kid?
Recording The Silver City was much different than my previous record. I got bored with my current creative process (sitting in my basement and multitracking) and decided I should try to find some musical collaborators. I found two- Dan Wilson and Andy Thompson. All three of us have our own studios so we split time between them. Dan produced the . . . → Read More: Interview with Jeremy Messersmith, The Silver City

The 50 Greatest Band Logos of All Time

Gigwise has The 50 Greatest Band Logos of All Time, and it’s worth perusing…

Above are the handful that really stand out to me. You can see the rest here.

Two band logos I would have included (make their list, . . . → Read More: The 50 Greatest Band Logos of All Time

Waves on Waves : "Secret Language" (mp3)

Vintage synth. VINTAGE SYNTH!

Following is a track from Waves on Waves‘ self-titled debut, out September 9, 2008 on VTP Music Group.

Waves on Waves : “Secret . . . → Read More: Waves on Waves : "Secret Language" (mp3)

The Deer Tracks : "Slow Collision"

The Deer Tracks – Slow Collision
The Deer Tracks is David Lehnberg & Elin Lindfors, both children of the Swedish town of Gävle. They have been compared to a Swedish version of M83 and call their music northern light electronica. Not only is “Slow Collision” a great track, this video . . . → Read More: The Deer Tracks : "Slow Collision"