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Chompilation scores an A

It’s not often you get a pitch from a college student who is running a *real* record label for a college class. I’m talking real bands, real distribution, festival presence and all promoting actually good music.

, Columbia College Chicago’s student-run record label is releasing a 22 song Chompilation in October. With tracks from familiar names like Office, Maps & Atlases and Walter Meego to undiscovered (and good!) bands like Netherfriends and Pet Lions, this is one compilation project worth checking out. And that says a lot, because I typically highly dislike compilations.

I snagged one of the college students in charge of PR for the album, Ashley Brown, and bribed her with free pizza and beer to answer some questions about the project, the album, Daytrotter, Pitchfork and her grade in the class…

What exactly is this Chompilation project?
The Chompilation is the release last year’s AEMMP Records class came up with to re-invent the label and start putting the label back on the map. Every year AEMMP Records puts out at least one release, whether it is an EP, full-length, or a compilation of many artists. Last year we had new professors leading the group, and AEMMP Records started a whole new chapter to re-invent the label and take over the world. The first step was to come out with a powerful compilation that showcases what the city of Chicago has to offer. This is the ultimate chicago compilation for anyone wanting to know what artists to check out in the area from all different genres.

From this “Chompilation” release, we have developed relationships with a few of the artists and hope to continue building the trust and friendship that is required to have a successful label/artist collaboration. This is our second step toward re-inventing the label and stepping outside of the traditional, dry, record label role.

What a minute — don’t students learn better by reading things from books and taking tests? What’s all this hands-on crap?
That’s a common misunderstanding. All this hands-on crap has brought us together as a class and helped each student build a portfolio and real life skills that you would not receive in a traditional classroom setting. I know the names of all the students in my AEMMP Records “class.” We go out to shows together, we hangout and grab food together, and we also support each other when it comes to making important decision on which artists to work with and what directions we want to take as a class.

It’s a unique atmosphere, and I think I have learned more from the first summer semester of AEMMP Records than I have in my past 3 years of general education classes.

Our final test happened the weekend of Pitchfork Music Festival. We were graded upon our performance at the CHIRP Record fair. It wasn’t about selling the Chompilations as much as it was about developing relationships with the other vendors, artists, and concert-goers to make them aware of what AEMMP Records is doing. We are a unique label because we are a class, and I do get grades, and at the end of the day we report to our professors. It’s an amazing experience, and I think I can speak for the entire class when I say that we are extremely lucky to have a program like this at Columbia College Chicago.

What’s your favorite track on the album and why?
It’s a really tough choice because I have a couple favorites. Rachele Eve’s track, “Harold Moon” has an extremely catchy guitar part and I absolutely love the sound of her voice. Then Pet Lions, “Propellor Plane” always just makes me want to dance. But my personal favorite would probably have to be Big Science’s,

“My Career As A Ghost,” just because it doesn’t sound like anything else. I’m a sucker for new music, especially when it comes to bands that play a sound that can’t be heard on the major radio stations or MTV.

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Wolfmother touring with Killers, preparing Cosmic Egg omelette

Not stopping in Minnesota, but I’m sure they’ll be back soon. Truth be told, I’m still reeling from their 2006 stop at the Fine Line.

From the press release:
Wolfmother is back with sharpened chops and the band will preview new material on the road this summer, including a run of shows with the Killers. The Sydney, Australia, rockers have joined on as the main support for six shows in the Northeastern U.S. and Canada, where they’ll unveil the songs they’ve spent months recording in L.A. Fans in L.A. can experience the whole album set to mind-blowing visuals on July 27 at the . . . → Read More: Wolfmother touring with Killers, preparing Cosmic Egg omelette

Mark Mallman's Invincible Criminal Video

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The Dead Weather liven up First Avenue

My expectations were set high. Not only was this “Jack White’s new band” and “Alison Mosshart’s newest project,” The Dead Weather‘s debut release, Horehound, was a phenomenal 11-track lesson in blues, rock and soul. How would it translate live? Would Jack White hide in the shadows the whole show? Would the Raconteurs guys get to play any notes?

A sold out First Avenue crowd milled around the venue Monday night, anxiously pounding $6 PBR tallboys and sharing Jack White minutiae: “Did you hear he was at Murray‘s last night?” “The guy next to me in the restroom said he saw Jack get . . . → Read More: The Dead Weather liven up First Avenue

Julie Peel makes music teachers cry

Who needs classical training? Self-taught multi-instrumentalist Julie Peel makes your years of learning chromatic scales and sketching a perfect treble clef seem silly with her debut full-length album, Near the Sun, coming out September 2009 on American Laundromat Records.

I don’t usually dig chick singer-songwriters, but there is something about Peel’s hesitant approach to vocals and tempo that really grabs me and makes me pay attention.

Check out the single here to see what I mean:
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Chris Koza, The Arms Akimbo, Strangelights @ Turf Club this Saturday

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North by Midwest Music Festival this Saturday

The NXMX Music Festival is tomorrow, July 25, at Lowry Theater and features The 757s, The Magnolias, Little Man, The Hard Left, Middlestates and Chemistry Set.

Music goes from 6 p.m.-1 a.m., but in true festival format, attendees can come and go as they please (maybe hit up a restaurant or bar nearby between sets?).

More info . . . → Read More: North by Midwest Music Festival this Saturday

Rich & Emily's 10 Year Anniversary @ Triple Rock, August 1

It’s not their wedding anniversary and they’re definitely not celebrating 10 years sober in AA. In fact, Rich & Emily’s 10 year Anniversary Show is quite the opposite. RichmanVA, a penman of local music blog Switchblade Comb, joins fellow Uptown Bar “Record Party” spinstress Emily in tapping the Chicago punk rock pipeline to bring you an epic night of ear pleasing inebriation. The Methadones (featuring members of Screeching Weasel and The Riverdales) will take over the Triple Rock Social Club on Saturday, August 1st, accompanied by The Bomb (featuring members of Naked Raygun), Noise By Numbers (featuring members of The . . . → Read More: Rich & Emily's 10 Year Anniversary @ Triple Rock, August 1

Dirty Laundry wash Cursive's Garfield boxers

Dirty Laundry: Cursive from Dirty Laundry on Vimeo.

The folks at Dirty Laundry brought in Cursive talk about Letterman, Garfield boxers and the Omaha . . . → Read More: Dirty Laundry wash Cursive's Garfield boxers

Awesome New Republic want you to dance, sucka!

Awesome New Republic are offering their new 6-track EP, Rational Geographic Volume II, for free at their Web site.

Here’s our haiku review of Rational Geographic Volume I:
Pop your collar, dude
Flight of the Conchords dance time
Except not a joke

Directions for ANR enjoyment:

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