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New track from Australia’s Buchanan

Got a note about this young Australian band called Buchanan who have been compared to Band of Horses and Phoenix.

Here’s their latest, a head-bobbing piano driven piece that’s a good indication of what this band may have to offer.

MP3: Buchanan – “Teachers (Radio Edit)”

New Summer Fiction video for Chandeliers

Music by Summer Fiction. Video editing by Kevin Chia, who grabbed the footage from 1965′s Fist in his Pocket.

Review: Tim and Eric bring an awkward Chrimbus to Minneapolis

Special guest review by , who would like the .

Typically when I am at the State Theatre, it is to buy tickets for a show at the Orpheum across the street. So I tried to remember what the last actual performance I saw at the State was, and I settled on “The Nutcracker” in 2003. (Sadly, this means I’ve missed some really great shows during the past seven years.)

Wednesday night’s performance of “Adult Swim Presents Tim & Eric Awesome Tour Great Job Chrimbus Spectacular 2010″ was exactly like “The Nutcracker” in every way.

As you know, “The Nutcracker” begins when the two main characters eat an inordinate amount of acid in anticipation of the coming Chrimbus holiday and then dance around like jackasses for two hours in what is ostensibly to most in the audience a display of “art.”

OK, so I’m being sarcastic and negative. The truth is neither “The Nutcracker” or “Adult Swim Presents Tim & Eric Awesome Tour Great Job Chrimbus Spectacular 2010″ are quite my thing.

So why did I go? I like sketch comedy; I appreciate random, oddball performances; and I don’t hate Tim and Eric’s TV show, I just think some of its sketches get a little long in the tooth, which is exactly what the live “Adult Swim Presents Tim & Eric Awesome Tour Great Job Chrimbus Spectacular 2010″ show suffered from.

The funniest moments from “Adult Swim Presents Tim & Eric Awesome Tour Great Job Chrimbus Spectacular 2010″ came on screen, not on stage: Spagett, Dr. Steve Brule, Tairy Greene, the introduction instructing the audience to go in their pants if they have to pee.

Those clips, like certain moments in the TV show, remind me of Tim and Eric’s great movie for Absolut.

That movie weighs in at 3 minutes, 27 seconds. Some of the on-stage antics, like Eric chasing Tim around in a hairy body suit, with full frontal ridiculousness hanging out went on for what seemed like much longer, even though it probably wasn’t.

None of that was even as awkward as the second half of “Adult Swim Presents Tim & Eric Awesome Tour Great Job Chrimbus Spectacular 2010,” where Tim and Eric “played” “music.” This went on for so long that even the dreadlocked duo sitting to my right who were clearly on some pyschoactive drug that most of the population has never heard of got up and left. This was no double rainbow.

“Adult Swim Presents Tim & Eric Awesome Tour Great Job Chrimbus Spectacular 2010″ tried to redeem itself at the end with an on-stage costume contest. “I’m a corn,” one contestant (who was clearly dressed in a corn cob costume) explained before Eric summarily dismissed her sorry ass from the stage to much laughter.

If there’s any advice that I can give Tim and Eric, it’s keep the bits short. The audience can take some stinkers if they’re done quickly and we’re on to the next thing that might have potential. Not that they will ever read this or even need to take my advice: the house wasn’t quite full Wednesday, but with the exception of a few sour faces, the crowd seemed to be digging the show. Which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has ever met an enthusiastic Tim and Eric fan.

Now someone pass the peyote, and remember to keep your Chrimbus bush trim and moist. —

Mini Mansions reinvent the nightmare video

Holy. Crap…

recently released their self-titled debut album on Rekords Rekords (a new label owned by Queens of the Stone Age front man Josh Homme). Mini Mansions includes Queens of the Stone Age bass player Michael Shuman.

The play 400 Bar on December 10.

New Bikini tracks off forthcoming EP

MP3: Bikini – “American Mourning”

MP3: Bikini – “ACheerlaeder”

Buy it here.

New Error Operator Mix

MP3: Heart Monitor (Error Operator Remix)

Kaiser Cartel to play intimate house show next month

Brooklyn-based Kaiser Cartel will be making a stop at the Cake Shop for a Monday night house show on December 13. The night before, they’ll be rockin’ the Cedar Cultural Center for a show with Romantica, but this one is a bonus.

Via Cakein15:
This concert will be limited in capacity, so reserve your space today. Reservation cost is $10, and to reserve space, please log into PayPal and send your payment to . Please mark your payment as a “GIFT” in order to avoid PayPal fees. This is money going to the artists, so please don’t short-change them!

Your reservation to this special show is confirmed ONLY when you receive an email both confirming your payment and giving you the house address. This email must come from and NOT Paypal (so make sure to check your spam filter). Guests are invited to bring a beverage of their choice to enjoy.

Knight Stalker, half knight, half stalker

of Los Angeles, California is a dance-punk experimental band formed by former band member (Daniel Santillan) of .

I found this photo buried in his MySpace page. I’d like to think this is how all true musicians live.

So anyway, Knight Stalker sent me a bunch of originals and remixes, but this one really stood out:

MP3: Of Montreal – “Famine Affair” (KNIGHT-STALKER Remix)

Stuart D’Rozario debuts the radio in his head at Guthrie tonight

I’ve written about Minneapolis-based musician Stuart D’Rozario a few times, and I’m a big fan of his songwriting.

However, even though I dig his stuff and we both have day jobs in the same marketing industry, we’ve never seemed to cross paths. I seem to have a baby every time he puts out an album.

This year is no exception. Three albums from Stuart = three babies for Greg.

Stuart recently released The Radio in my Head, a solid 12-track album recorded at Capitol Studios in LA and mastered at Sterling Studios in NYC. In other words, Stuart don’t play.

And that’s good, because there’s a pull quote of mine from a past review leading a bunch of the marketing efforts where I totally vouch for him:

D’Rozario is hands-down one of the best songwriters in the Twin Cities, and American Love paints aural landscapes that warm even the coldest of hearts on a snowy Minnesota day.

I stand behind the quote, but I do think Stuart’s sound is changing a bit on this new record. It’s a happier album and more accessible from a pop perspective from his previous release. It would almost play better if it was a spring release during the winter thaw, as opposed to the week after our first snow. But I don’t have spring babies, so he wouldn’t have planned it that way.

While I probably dig the title track most of all and the darkeness of “The Girl Who Hid Everything Inside,” I do think “Facebook Friends,” a quirky tune about the social network of the day replete with handclaps, is ripe for the made for TV version of “Social Network.”

Overall, another success for D’Rozario and friends. And that’s great, because they play the Guthrie Theater this evening. All artist proceeds will benefit Free Arts Minnesota, so it’s a good cause, too.

Let’s just hope I don’t have another baby next year so I can actually meet him and see him perform.

Union Shakedown release debut EP

Minneapolis indie/blues/rock band are releasing their debut self-titled EP this Saturday, November 13 at 400 Bar with The Fattenin’ Frogs and Hip Replacement.

Check out the first track here: