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Robbers on High Street : The Fatalist and Friends

Robbers on High Street
The Fatalist and Friends

We listen to a lot of new music day-to-day. And not unlike other tuneophiles, rarely go 10 minutes throughout the entire day without a soundtrack blaring from an iPod, computer speakers or the car.

Coworkers and passersby often stop in and hear grating guitars, moaning accordion or some bumpin’ zydeco and may roll their eyes or act curious, but never comment once. Naturally, we don’t have a lot of faith in the everyman’s musical tastes (this weekend we heard an inlaw expound for 10 minutes upon the talents of Nickelback), and we do our best to liven up the dreary white noise that is a cubicle soundtrack.

But when not one, but two coworkers commented on Robbers on High Street’s new 4-track EP, we knew something was up and turned up the volume.

Featuring the first new tracks since ROHS’ ’05 debut, Tree City, the EP features one unreleased track, two new songs from the upcoming full-length, Grand Animals (Spring 2007), and the Paul McCartney-penned “Monkberry Moon Delight.”

What we have here is formulaic indie rock, so it’s no wonder the average joe is attracted to the New York group’s catchy riffs, slick vocals and driving rhythm section. ROHS isn’t carving out new indie territory, but they have mapped out a blueprint for success and are going to build themselves some fame.

Robbers on High Street – “The Fatalist” (mp3)

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