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Review: Ryan Montbleau Band : Patience on Friday


Ryan Montbleau Band
Patience on Friday
Label: Blue’s Mountain

Guess who’s playing First Avenue’s 7th St. Entry tonight? Ryan Montbleau, who was last in town on Sept. 28, playing with Martin Sexton.

We have his band’s new disc, Patience on a Friday, sitting here and admittedly haven’t given it enough attention. However, 2006′s debut, One Fine Color, has been an iPod staple and gives us enough fair background to suggest you check out this show — especially on a Monday.

As you may imagine from the name Montbleau, this guy has a soul full of zydeco passion with a flair for jazzy vocalese.

Songs like “Draw the Line” are a bouncy, laughing party — complete with flavorful sax solo and peppy organ. But what holds the album together is the song “How Many Times?” — split into four parts with all sorts of strings and horns.

After the third installment, we found ourselves asking, “How Many Times will this boring song intrude the party?” The answer? Four.

Overall, if your girlfriend drank the John Mayer Kool-Aid and you just can’t handle “Beautiful” anymore, we suggest turning her towards Ryan Montbleau. Songs are less formulaic, he can actually sing and heck, there’s only one song repeated four times you won’t be able to stand. That’s half as many as Mayer!

Ryan Montbleau : “How Many Times” (mp3)

Ryan Montbleau : “Love and Love Lost” (REAL m4a)

Ryan Montbleau : “Maybe Today” (REAL m4a)

Next time we’re headed to Great Clips, we’re bringing this disc for our bi-monthly argument about how adult alternative doesn’t have to suck.

Ryan Montbleau Band play The Entry with tonight.

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