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Twin Cities Electropunk Compilation Volume 4

tcep4a.jpgYou may remember last year when we covered Volume 3 of the Twin Cities Electropunk Compilation series.

Well, Volume 4 is here and after less than one listen, it’s obvious the electropunk scene in Minneapolis is stronger than ever. featuring a bunch of the bands and some further clarification about the origin of the “electropunk” term.

Did I mention you can download it for free digitally (there’s gotta be an electro-punk pun here someplace…)

Twin Cities Electropunk Compilation Volume 4 (zip of all 15 MP3s in 192kbps)

Here’s the tracklist, including some old favorites and some new entrants to the scene:

  1. Avenpitch - “Desperado”
  2. ikki - “Goodbye Cruel World”
  3. – “Divine Delusion”
  4. SMB - “Meet Me in the Digital Afterlife”
  5. OBCT - “Pulled the Plug”
  6. Milkbar - “Stop (Check Me Out)”
  7. Thosquanta - “The Host”
  8. – “Corporate Trance”
  9. - “Condition Humaine”
  10. Mach FoX – “Build it Down”
  11. Zibra Zibra – “Lions on the Astroturf”
  12. - “Dead Horse”
  13. - “Private Apocalypse”
  14. – “Rotten to the Core”
  15. – “Sexy”

The release show for TC Electropunk Volume 4 is Saturday, January 12 at 9PM at Club Underground and features 2 stages of non-stop electropunk music (21+ / $5.00). All patrons will receive a CD copy for free at the door.

More info here.

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