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The Broken Letters, The Boy Bathing, Unicycle Loves You mp3s

Here are some mp3′s from my friends at Team Clermont:

The Broken Letters - Sing The Burning Alphabet. Hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, The Broken Letters exist as the primary medium for the songwriting and vocal lyricism of David Hickox (joined by drummer and multi-instrumentalist Brad Davis). With a crooked craft of melody and a penchant for dark and Biblical delivery, the Broken Letters create songs of love and death, birth and pain, of the moon and of a great fire. “Licht” (mp3)

The Boy Bathing - A Fire To Make Preparations. They’re a four-piece indie rock band from New York City. Amplifier says; “…lyrics may be The Boy Bathing’s strongest . . . → Read More: The Broken Letters, The Boy Bathing, Unicycle Loves You mp3s

Bowery Boy Blue, Ricky Lee Robinson, Electric Touch mp3s

Here are some mp3′s from my friends at Pirate! PR:

Bowery Boy Blue: “Come Closer, Sisters” (mp3) If you’re a fan of Avett Brothers/ deep dark Americana, I think you’d really love their upcoming debut Stalk That Myth.

Ricky Lee Robinson: “Secret Love Tricks” (mp3) The one-man-band, classic rock revivalist out of the San Francisco Bay area, for fans of Minus 5 and Bowie. Just about to release his sophomore release, Secret Love Tricks.

Electric Touch: “Love In Our Hearts” (mp3) These guys came from a background of Brit-rock, Bay Area Punk, and Southern Rock. Combined, sounds like “slow Arctic Monkeys”( says my intern . . . → Read More: Bowery Boy Blue, Ricky Lee Robinson, Electric Touch mp3s

Rocket Scientists : Looking Backward

Earlier this year L.A. prog rock band Rocket Scientists released their first box set Looking Backward, a five-disc collection with remastered versions of their first three studio albums (Earthbound, Brutal Architecture, Oblivion Days), a disc of reinterpreted RS tracks and a DVD.

Here’s the group’s studio performance of “Minstrel Saviour”

The band currently has three dates booked, two on either coast and one . . . → Read More: Rocket Scientists : Looking Backward

Modern Radio 9 Year Anniversary Shows

Local label Modern Radio is celebrating their 9 year anniversary with a series of shows. The first two are this weekend, featuring: Mirah (Portland, OR), The Chambermaids, The Danforths and Jim and the French Vanilla tonight at Triple Rock Social Club

Malachi Constant, Grotto, Volante, Cave Deaths and Comedian Nils Lindahl at Turf Club tomorrow, . . . → Read More: Modern Radio 9 Year Anniversary Shows

MGMT's video for "Electric Feel"

Check out MGMT‘s new video for . . . → Read More: MGMT's video for "Electric Feel"

Interview with Dearling Physique

Dom Davis, whom you may know from Minneapolis rock/weirdo band The Trimmed Hedges, moved to New York a few months ago and has completed another EP under his solo project name, Dearling Physique.

The EP, called Grey Pools of I, will be released online as a digital download in the coming weeks.

Check out the single, “Say Done.” It’s a romping mess of rhythm, foreboding vocals, grating electro blips, eye of newt and euro trash. This is my kind of music.

Dearling Physique : “Say Done” (mp3)

We got the chance to interview Dom about the move, the album and life away from Minneapolis…

So you . . . → Read More: Interview with Dearling Physique

Radiohead : "All I Need" Video

. . . → Read More: Radiohead : "All I Need" Video

Dingus : Please Stand By

Sick of all the trip-hop, dance tracks and happy-go-lucky crap I’ve been posting lately? Then check out some punk rock from North Dakota courtesy of a little band I like to call Dingus.

Yep, Dingus.

Last December, Soup Bowl Records released the band’s second full-length album, Please Stand By. Here’s just one of the 10 tracks on that album:

Dingus : “Shrunken Heads” (mp3)

Dingus play Minneapolis’ Triple Rock Social Club on June 22 and Northrop Plaza on . . . → Read More: Dingus : Please Stand By

Walter Meego : Voyager

These days I’ve been in a very strange mood musically. I’ve been blaring trans and club music at work, listening to Daft Punk whilst garage sale-ing in the suburbs on the weekends and then I listened to the majority KQRS’ Top 700 Classic Rock songs over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

So with all of that randomness between classic rock and electronica, it’s no surprise the upbeat electro stylings of Walter Meego.

Walter Meego : “Girls” (mp3)

The duo’s debut album, Voyager, came out yesterday on the Almost Gold Recordings label. Walter Meego play Minneapolis’ Triple Rock Social Club tomorrow, . . . → Read More: Walter Meego : Voyager

sorry-ok-yes cover of "Louie Louie"

So I got this e-mail in semi-forced English from an Italian punk/indie/electronic band called sorry-ok-yes sharing three MySpace song samples that are basic hipster punk ala Franz Ferdinand, Strokes, Hives. I dug a little further and found some YouTube videos of the boys in matching skinny ties doing their thing.

But then I found this — a video for their cover of “Louie Louie.” Normally I hate bands using cover songs to make it big, but this is fun, weird and quirky…worth sharing, at the . . . → Read More: sorry-ok-yes cover of "Louie Louie"