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Interview with Dearling Physique

Dom Davis, whom you may know from Minneapolis rock/weirdo band The Trimmed Hedges, moved to New York a few months ago and has completed another EP under his solo project name, .

The EP, called Grey Pools of I, will be released online as a digital download in the coming weeks.

Check out the single, “Say Done.” It’s a romping mess of rhythm, foreboding vocals, grating electro blips, eye of newt and euro trash. This is my kind of music.

Dearling Physique : “Say Done” (mp3)

We got the chance to interview Dom about the move, the album and life away from Minneapolis…

So you packed it up and moved to New York. How are things going there?
Things are going well. After spending the past year in the middle of nowhere Arizona, I’m really happy to be around people again. It’s diverse, smelly, unpredictable and busy.

What do you love most/miss most?
My adventures in people interaction here have been mostly hollow – there are just so many that it can all at once feel very isolated. I miss knowing where things are and exactly how to get there. I love the opportunity for absolutely anything, public transportation and the many, many hiding places.

Is it as hard as people say to “make it there” — or is that a myth propagated by the weak and lazy?
Speaking as an artist who stubbornly insists on creating original music, it’s a grind. Like any other performance related field of work, you’re presented with the really difficult task of having to balance paying jobs that more than likely hold no sentimental value, and actively create, collaborate etc. I don’t view NYC as a place to move just to move, because there really needs to be a reason to remind yourself just why each and every day begins so early and ends so late.

Tell me about your new solo project, Dearling Physique.
These are my electronic experiments. These are my pop songs. At this stage with Dearling Physique my focus is to bring attention to sound design and the visuals those sounds inspire your imagination to rummage through.

What was the writing/recording process like for Grey Pools Of I?
It took quite some time. I started writing it in Minneapolis, continued writing in Arizona, and finally completed the songs upon arriving to NYC. I recorded the majority of the EP on my Mac Book, and then finished in Philly with Ben Schurr of the band . Aside from helping to finish the tracking, Ben also contributed with some really cool instruments…especially on the song “Hooks for Safety,” but that one won’t appear on this EP.

Tell me about “Say Done.”
“Say Done” is the soundtrack to someone realizing they’ve been buried underground, and coming to accept this reality through finding the surprising advantages in an unbelievable circumstance.

Where can people get the EP?
It’ll be up for free download on My Space within the coming weeks. Maybe available on disc for a super limited time in the near future.

Have any tour plans?
Nothing confirmed, but hopefully during the fall.

What else is new?
I’m still pulling for a new Trimmed Hedges album…so we’ll see how that develops over the next year!

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