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Podington Bear : The Box Set


You may already be familiar with Podington Bear, a solo artist who releases a new song every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in podcast form. In 2007 he set out to create three songs a week for a year.

Along the way he ended up licensing tracks to Rocketboom, This American Life and Paul Frank. It’s good stuff — mostly unobtrusive electronica with small melodies and myriad musical thoughts.

At first, you’ll think to yourself, “With a good Mac, Reason and Live I could do this.” But then you start digging into track after track to realize the depth, breadth and ambulatory circumference needed to create a 156 songs that can each stand alone as a valuable contribution to society.

Let’s just hope P.Bear doesn’t stop now…

Podington Bear : “Ebulience” (mp3)

All 156 tracks are available in a 10 CD box set called The Box Set on HUSH Records starting Tuesday, June 24. Order it here.

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