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Jeremy Messersmith : The Silver City CD Release Show at Varsity Theater


Last night was Jeremy Messersmith‘s CD release show for The Silver City at the Varsity Theater with The Owls and . Below you can see Messersmith and company playing an acoustic gig for the crowd lined up outside. Now *that’s* a performer!





Our friends Andrew and Mary went and took these pictures…


You want to know how much of a rock and roll badass Andrew is? He drunkenly scrawled his show review on the CD-R he sent me with his show pictures. YES!


Here’s the gist of what he wrote: “The Owls played a good set, getting the crowd ready for Meessermith (who totally was great).” LOL.

Listen to Messersmith’s Current studio recordings from Wednesday here. Perfect Porridge interview here. MP3′s here.

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