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Cassettes Won't Listen : (F)remix EP

This week Cassettes Won’t Listen releases (F)remix, a free remix EP, in anticipation of his new instrumental album, Into The Hillside which hits June 16th.

(F)remix track downloads:
01. The Death Set – “Around The World (CWL remix)”(mp3)
02. Mr. Lif – “The Sun featuring Cassettes Won’t Listen (CWL remix)” (mp3)
03. The Dears – “Demons (CWL remix)” (mp3)
04. Christine – “Cool Your Shoes (CWL remix)” (mp3)
05. The Faunts – “Explain (CWL remix)” (mp3)
06. Bisc1 – “Turbulence (CWL remix)” (mp3)

Download the entire (F)remix full EP download here (zip)

Those of you who know me inside and out (hi mom!) know CWL is an all-time fav of mine. It’s like friggin Christmas!

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