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Gaga for Gaga? Give me a break

Unless you live in a river cave off the Mississippi River, you know Lady Gaga was in Saint Paul this week.

I am completely amazied how many marketing professionals I know who are going gaga for a musical act manufactured by marketers to sell records and concert tickets.

Even the Turf Club stop-by and photobooth photos reeks of marketer manipulation.

It’s no coincidence the Star Tribune, City Pages and Perez Hilton are drooling over it. On her next tour stop, what do you bet Gaga stops at the “cool” club there, too?

Pinch yourselves people. It’s all designed and architected to make you love it, buy it and share it.

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  • Rachael Lybeck

    Gaga is designed to sell records and does it well. What is wrong with that? Are you saying other music isn’t designed for people to buy it? nnGaga’s show is entertaining and she sings her ass off. I dare you to go to one and not be somewhat amused (if you can stand being around the simpletons for that long).

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