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Monday morning vinyl: Fletch, circa 1985

“If you haven’t guessed, there’s been a lot of drug traffic on the beach lately. And I’m not talking about Robitussin and No-Doz…I’m talking about the hard stuff. I’ve been posing as an amiable, minor league junkie in order to get to the bottom of it. It hasn’t been easy. I don’t shower much.”

View CommentsMonday morning vinyl: Fletch, circa 1985

  • Paul Rosemeyer

    Is there an article with this? Maybe a track list or info on number of copies printed?n Okay. I add some details…nnTRACK LIST:n”Bit By Bit”n(Theme From Fletch)nPerformed by Stephanie MillsnWritten by Harold Faltermeyer and Franne GoldenProduced by Harold Faltermeyernn”Fletch, Get Outta Town”nPerformed by Dan HartmannWritten by Dan Hartman and Charlie MidnightnProduced by Dan Hartman and Richard Landisnn”Letter To Both Sides”nPerformed by The FixxnWritten by The FixxnProduced by Rupert Hine for Gestaltnn”Moon River”nWritten by Henry Mancini and Johnny MercernPublished by Famous Music Corporationnn”Running For Love”nPerformed by John FarnhamnProduced by Harold FaltermeyernCourtesy of Curb Records/Wheatley Records Pty. Ltd.nn”Name Of The Game”nPerformed by Dan HartmannProduced by Dan Hartman and Jimmy Iovinenn”Is It Over”nPerformed by Kim WildenProduced by Ricki Wilde and Marty WildennLabel: MCA SoundtracksnCatalog#: MCA-6142, 252 332-1, UK: MCF 3284nFormat: Vinyl, LP (also released on cassette)nReleased: 1985

  • My copy here has some additional tracks: “Diggin’ In,” “Exotic Skates,” Fletch Theme” (straight Faltermeyer – the best, IMO), and “Running For Love (instrumental)”

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