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Keller Williams writes a kids album, called Kids

This week Keller Williams released his sixteenth album — and first-ever album for kids and families — appropriately titled Kids. Parental caution: lyrics about goat procreation, farting bubbles in the tub, mom farting, picking your nose and other things kids love abound.

Here’s “Car Seat”
MP3: Keller Williams – “Car Seat”

This is hands-down my favorite kids album of all time. Keller is playful, creative, clever and doesn’t make me want to kill myself listening to his music — PLUS my kids like it. Double win.

Favorite tracks:

  • “My Neighbor Is Happy Again,” includes a lyric about two goats sneaking behind a barn…and now you have three goats. Also, some good rhyming: goat, moat, boat, float.
  • “Hulahoop To Da Loop,” a more traditional Keller Williams looping song, and actually more of what I expected on this album. My second favorite song, although my son’s least favorite.
  • “Horse Back Rider,” featuring a cute, unfiltered Keller and his daughter reciting a little made up song faster and faster. My son loves this one.
  • “Good Advice,” featuring the age-old wisdom that if you pick your nose after picking your feet, your nose will smell like feet.
  • “Soakie Von Soakerman,” which is my favorite track. The best part is where he says, “Now sing make an animal sound,” or “Now make silly sounds.” See the more mature version of the song in typical Keller style here.

Here’s Hulahoop To Da Loop:

Keller will be joining the the Yo Gabba Gabba Tour as a “Super Music Friend,” although there are not currently any dates in Minnesota.

Oh, and check out the Goat Orchestra. YES! This is why Al Gore invented the Internet, I’m pretty sure.

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