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XO-LP’s Mixtape Pen Pal Exchange – last day to sign up

My friend Laura over at XO-LP came up with an ingenious idea.

All these music elitist douchebags make their Top 10 lists every year..blah blah blah…but what if you actually shared the music like the good old days – in a well-curated mixtape.

Laura came up with a concept to do just that…

Here are the rules
1. Email your address by January 8th (tomorrow).

2. Put together your favorite tracks of 2010.

2a. One song per artist.

2b. Shoot for at least 60 minutes of best-of-2010 tunes.

3. Burn your mixtape on a CD. (While cassettes are cooler, who still has a stereo that plays tapes? And even if you do, not everyone can burn iTunes onto a tape, jerkface).

4. Laura will match you up with a mixtape buddy. You’ll get an email with the name and address of this buddy.

5. Send out your (carefully packaged) best-of-2010 mixtape to your super pumped buddy by January 27th.

Read the original post with the rest of the deets here.

This is really a great idea. Using social media to secure a music pen pal? Heck yes.

I just signed up. You?

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