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perfectporridge_logoWhat is this?
This here is a music blog, sucka.

We’re based in Minneapolis, MN, although we cover national and international music and news.

Why Perfect Porridge?
So you’re asking yourself, “How hard can it be to make porridge?” It’s actually extremely difficult. But this ain’t no recipe site, so let’s leave it at that.

What kind of content do you cover?
National, regional and local record labels and artists send advance albums and include us on their media lists for shows, and we do our best to pound out album, live reviews and Minneapolis-based news in a timely manner. (note to FTC: we do not accept payment nor advertising for posts, but we do accept review tickets and albums)

Okay, but what kind of music do you like? dislike?
We are interested in indie, noise, ambient, experimental, psychedelic, children’s, ambient, nonlinear rock and the like. We are not interested in Top 40 formulaic crap, pop, hip-hop, rap or male/female singer-songwriters.

How can I get my band’s material reviewed? How can I get you to come to my concert? How do I contact you directly?
You can e-mail us at .

It goes without saying that PR pitches are welcomed, but you need to understand we’re getting 100+ e-mails a day (literally). Do your best to stand out, and don’t be offended or rude if we never respond to an inbound pitch. There’s simply too much mail to go through to do it justice. Sorry, but it’s true.

Or be sure to note our mailing address below if that’s all you need. Anything mailed to Perfect Porridge will not be returned.

Mailing address:

Perfect Porridge

Eden Prairie,

We’d love to review your album, come to your show, pimp your mp3, video or whatever keeps the voices at bay. Please add us to your mailing list, too.


  1. Read Perfect Porridge so you’re familiar with the type of content we cover
  2. Do send sharable mp3 links, embeddable tracks, album art and upcoming concert dates relevant to Minneapolis
  3. Do include CD release dates and if the album is already out, what’s newsworthy to write about now
  4. Do feel free to check in a couple times (we get a ton of e-mail)
  5. Don’t send bulk mailings and generic press releases
  6. Don’t e-mail more than three times about a pitch
  7. Don’t offer bribes, advertising dollars or blogola in exchange for coverage (yes, it happens, and yes, I’ll save a screenshot and show it during presentations at conferences)

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