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I’ve been music blogging for more than six years. In that time I went from begging major labels to send me advances and helping organize scrappy street teams to begging major labels to stop spamming me and watching bands use street teams to post fake comments. Since my day job involves social marketing strategy, I have zero patience for lazy marketing tactics and the utmost respect for music marketers, bands and managers who treat media like human beings and are using emerging technology to push the boundaries of music marketing.

Your Music Marketing Sucks music blogger Greg Swan is sick of lazy labels, sleazy pr firms and cheesy bands pushing mass blast e-mails, snail mailing press kit folders and pitching blogola bribes. There is no excuse that great bands get overlooked while manufactured pop crap gets elevated by the music press machine. With a few simple strategies, anyone from broke-ass bands to fat-cat labels can get the attention they deserve. Come hear tales of the worst offenders and tips for getting your special song, band, or roster of bands noticed by the music blogging elite.

Building on the success of my SXSW panel last year, The State of Music Blogs in 2010, and the continued online shift in the music industry, I heard from many folks (bloggers, industry reps, fans) that a follow-up panel on the subject is merited.

The State of Music Blogs in 2011

Music blogs can be kingmakers or overhype lame-ass bands. Is their prominence growing or fading? What’s new in citizen journalism and how does it affect the industry? Join prominent music bloggers, record label marketing goons and journalists who HATE music blogs to discuss the state of the industry and what’s around the corner in 2011 and beyond. Specifically, the panel will address: why music blogs are so influential, the role of music blogs in the marketing mix and the future of blogging this year and beyond.

Okay, so round two of SXSW panel selection is influenced, in part, by public voting. Please take a minute to vote for my panels with a thumbs up, leave a comment and/or ask a question (note: requires quick registration, which is more than worth it — then you can vote on other panels, too).

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NOTE: Voting ends at noon CDT on Friday, August 27. I recommend to just go vote now rather than procrastinate. :)

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