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Camden goes too far down its own rabbit hole

So the kids got up at their normal, pre-dawn time this morning, and before the coffee hit my lips I opened the Perfect Porridge e-mail box here and found a little surprise amidst the blast pitches rife with formulaic crap and soda companies pretending to be record labels. It’s an advance of the new Camden album, Living Image.

Cole Weiland from , a highly recommended Minneapolis group, has a a side project called Camden.

It’s a gutsy effort. All seven tracks are a murky mess of layers upon layers of electro tinkering, knob tinkering and self-aggrandizing experimentation.

Here’s the most accessible track:

MP3: Camden – “Bloodloss”

Sometimes artists go too far into their own secret Land of Art to create material grounded enough for public consumption. But that’s truly okay. These kinds of efforts offer balance, and this should be good artistic grounding for Daughters of the Sun’s upcoming LP, Ghosts With Chains (Not Not Fun Records).

As for this record, I’ll certainly listen to it when the mood strikes. But only after that first cup of coffee.

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