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Designed Delight: Dearling Physique’s new Deadeye Dealer

Dearling Physique sent me their new album, Deadeye Dealer, and it rose to the top of the massive stack of little plastic discs that came in the mail last week.

Part industrial rock, part poetry, part avante-garde art, and all Domino Davis, Dearling Physique is probably as close to Prince nouveau we’ll get in the Obama generation.

I interviewed Dom back in 2008 and am quoted in the promotional packet saying this about DP’s sound: “It’s a romping mess of rhythm, foreboding vocals, grating electro blips, eye of newt and euro trash. This is my kind of music.”

The same pullquote applies for Deadeye Dealer, but Dom is certainly maturing in his sound and growing more confident in his delivery.

For example:
MP3: Dearling Physique – “Discipline Your Hands”

And some videos for your aural pleasure:

“Brooklyn Dark” (at Varsity Theater)

“Impressions of the Night” (at Intermedia Arts)

Deadeye Dealer drops January 11, 2010, which will be here before you know it.

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