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Year Zero: the best book you’ll ever read about aliens pirating Earth’s music

For those who don’t know Rob Reid by name, you definitely know his baby,, the very first licensed music service (and precursor to today’s Pandora and Spotify streaming services). He has also made a name for himself pioneering “Copyright Math,” a field of study based on actual numbers from entertainment industry lawyers and lobbyists.…

Infographic: Money, Music and Piracy

Don’t really believe piracy is responsible for all the lost dollars here (it’s actually a corporate machine resistant to change coupled with the absence of innovation in a changing technological climate), but the graphics sure are cool. Infographic by: in an interesting outreach strategy to get music bloggers to give them incoming links. Worked!

Will Cocktail Make You Buy Albums?

I’ve read countless articles that opine for the days of sitting on your bed staring at gigantic vinyl LP artwork while an album plays on a giant turntable in the background. It’s safe to say those days are dead, although there’s certainly a future for added-value album assets in the interactive realm. For me —…