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My brain forgot to remember how much I love Clinic

Wow, I’d totally forgotten about Liverpool-based Clinic. I loved Winchester Cathedral. I even saw them live twice.

The group has this knack for finding off-scale and dissonant chords and pounding them repeatedly until they gel into your brain. Apparently it worked so well, I totally forget to remember them.

I just got a note that Clinic is gearing up to release their new album, Bubblegum on October 5th here in the US. It will be available as a special edition vinyl with the original album on LP and a bubblegum pink LP titled Son of Bubblegum, which has six acoustic versions of songs from the album.

Here’s a track off the new album:
MP3: Clinic – “I’m Aware”


And the video:

Clinic play Minneapolis 7th Street Entry on November 12. I hope it’s frigidly cold outside yet unbearably hot inside for this show.

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