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Scion A/V albums, reviewed in a Scion xB

I’m driving a bright purple Scion xB this week (don’t ask).

So I was driving clear across town twice yesterday, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to check out these two EPs Scion sent me as part of their Scion A/V program.

First up was ‘s “Straight From the Spring,” featuring Gucci Vump, Bambouno, Para One, Renaissance Man and others.

This particularl xB doesn’t have a great sound system, but the base sure works. This is minimalist house music, to the point of stripping too much out. I found myself skipping tracks and quickly growing bored with the entire album.

So I popped in ‘s single “Southern Boy,” which features remixes from Jesse Rose, Radio Slave, 12th Planet, and the original as the final track. Frankly, the original was the best. No remix required.

Overall, I need more substance with my house music for fear of nodding off on my commute. If I’m going to be driving a little purple xB, I best stay alert.

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